December 01, 2009

december the oneth

It's here, and with a perfect intro. The snow started to fall about 7pm, just lightly drifting and within an hour became big fat wind tossed but not driven flakes that melted on the front windshield and piled up on the rear. I found myself out driving the boy and his girl for groceries - sockless and in sandals - of course, so I decided to wait in the car. I read some of my book - had a smoke, sorted through the glove box and for once didn't find anything interesting that I had forgotten about. Had a bit of a doze and started the windshield wipers every 5 minutes or so.

By the time I realized nature's call the snow was at least ankle deep in the parking lot and the kids were back to load up the trunk. It would have to wait. So we got everything into the car and began the adventure of driving on the first really slushy/icy/snowy evening of the winter.

It took 8 taps of the brakes to stop when going about 20k. There were 3 cars on sidewalks, kissing a lightpost, and up on a lawn before I got 3 blocks.

Grandma drive time. Man people should know that come the end of October, toss some sand bags in the back of the 4X4, 1/2 ton, SUV - or something. I haven't seen that many tires spinning for nothing or backends sliding sideways when the light turns green for quite some time. I just stay 5 or 6 car lengths behind them and if the dude behind me wants to go faster than 40 k to freaking bad.

Got the kids safely back to their place, and almost got picked off four times n the way to mine - only about 10 blocks - and that included a city bus. That one gave me the shivers and a little shortness of breath - he was waaay bigger than me - thank you defensive driving courses.

Got the car parked at home and made some chickeny noodle soup and watched the snow fall. All the poofy stuck to the side of the tree kind of snow. This morning it's barely below zero, tree branches are bowed with their burdens and the whole world looks pristine and sparkly. Taking a cab to work cause I don't want to go and visit SGI any time soon ;)

I'm thinking my lawn needs some snow angels.


1 comment:

Cid said...

We finally woke up to some snow here too. Not enough to stay but enough for my youngest to ask if he could put his brand new skis on and go out on the lawn. Yeah winter!

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