December 23, 2009

just about done

Attempting to clear my desk so that the two next short weeks, while greatly appreciated as time off, do not sink my "catchupedness" before I leave for my trip.
I'm watching the snow swirl past the 12 floor windows and I cannot see the street. I can however, see the top of the Sask Hotel which I couldn't an hour or so ago. Let's hope it stays this way. THe annual year end review is done and it turned out well "very good" right in the middle of "excellent" or "solid" - I'll take it. My boss took Lorna and I out for lunch today - first time in over 3 years and it was quite lovely. I also managed to meet a personal goal, which even though it seems I have had an uneding string of maladies this year,I accomplished not having taken any ESL Extended sick leave this year - first time in probably 5 years. Yay me!
Presents are purchased and wrapped and cards are written - except for the parts of the Wii that are still charging.
So now it's stop for a pack of smokes - a goal I failed though not miserably. I'm maintaining around a pak - pak and a half a week, so long as I don't go to the pub. The Ladies Auxillary will be missing some members this evening so Malibu and I may need to make up for them. Oh darn.
To everyone travelling the flatlands miserable blizzardy highways - be vedy vedy careful and a hapy santa season to all!

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Cid said...

Hope you have a merry merry.

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