December 30, 2009

woe is me

The ongoing saga of how dk's knees are not happy with the load bearing sichumatation:

As for the weight loss I am still at a positive net loss even with the christmas interruption but it is nowhere near what I wanted it to be. Oh well, get over yourself, it is what it is. I did however want to drop some of the mass to ease my mobility on dry land.

I slipped on the ice early in December and did a killer job on the knee. It was behaving better - not locking and no backtalk for about a week before xmas. I slept over with the grands xmas eve - on the floor - and I think on one of the up/down occasions I must have released some granule of arthritic calcium build up which is now causing me random crunches squishes and general wobbliness.

Remember - I am being very careful because I leave for my trip to Jamaica in 18 DAYS!!!

This morning, all is good. Got in the car drove to work. As I am getting out of the car the left knee decides to turn lefter, instead of going straight and I almost ended up on my ass in the parking lot muck - thank you steering wheel. Clear pavement - no ice.

An hour and a half later - it's a bit swollen - not too much. It is not hot to the touch. It does hurt like a bitchbuggerdamn but tylenol should deal with that.

It's New Year's Eve tomorrow and I am supposed to be going out to the beach for a freeforall with my friends and jello everywhere * heavy sigh* and it looks like I may just be staying home looking after the wobbleators. figures.

Anyone know where I can get a telescopic or otherwise expandable cane to take with me?

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