December 12, 2009

Dear mother nature:

Would you please give over and give father nature a good roll. Something needs to warm your bottom. It's -33C right now and the HIGH I said HIGH for tomorrow is minus fucking 36 fucking Celsius which when you add the wind chill it'll be -50 C. That is about -33 Fahrenheit. Are you KIDDING ME??? Oh, but it will be sunny.

You know I don't really mind winter so long as it doesn't go below minus 20 too often, but this is simply inhumane. Even Jack fucking Frost is Frozen, no wonder why he's blue.


Anonymous said...

A project in evolution, that you are Lady DK, that you are. 'Tis what keeps me wondering, interested, for all these years, to see what, or if, the final product turns out to be. Or whether you continue to march through the doors to The Other Side, still evolving.

I am so sorry to leave you hanging these days, but illness has swept it's way through me. As I lay here alone, I cannot help but wonder if this is the day, or hour, that He will choose to take me home. But, no luck, I still remain here, trapped awhile longer yet.

Magical connection, that is a wonderful phrase, it suits well. All of these years I kept hearing tidbits about you and they have kept me wondering how you have been, and who you really are. And why do I keep hearing these tidbits, is it to keep my curiosity fueled, or for some other reason that will remain unknown to me for years to come.

Your comments, the phraseology, the rhythm, those you have heard several or many times. But the image, ah yes, that you would have to drag from the depths, you have only 1 or 2 occasions to remember that from.

'02 or before, that would be accurate, if the cloud that is now my mind is recollecting correctly. And thank you for letting me know that my visual is still correct, the long and curly hair is still there to be enjoyed and admired by those like me, and maybe me someday again.

A condo, my my, you have certainly charged forward into the Land of The Indebted Lady DK. It is not something I ever expected to hear you say though, it does take me by surprise. I hope it is agreeable and enjoyable to you, and I applaud you for taking that bold and unexpected move. But then again, since we last met, maybe you have changed your outlook on things to be owned or purchased.

Now, on to the comments that were made by myself and thought of differently than I had hoped, by you.

I have often referred to you as Lady DK, in conversations between ourselves. A very small clue to be sure, and I apologize to you for that. But, the biggest clue that I left you, I can see that it has been taken totally out of context. Not in a bad way, but in a way that would not permit you to continue your search through your memories for my identity. Read again the comment about the lighter, it's color, and after that the comment of your glasses and their "method" of tinting. If taken as I have meant them, those 3 things should make your mind immediately snap to my identity.

The need for privacy, it is not that strong. 'Tis just that you still have in your circle, a few that I do not wish to know that I am still earthbound. I knew them as well, and now I choose not to, hence the request for anonymity.

But I must say that, you may not remember me at all, which would not surprise me. We had very few encounters in the Land of The Physical, and only a handful in the Land of The Verbal. But they were long encounters Lady DK, and they left a very deep feeling in me that I must know more. But that, at the time, was impossible, more's the pity. So now it seems that I have been given a second chance. A chance to cement a friendship so it may never leave me again, provided that you think in the same vein. I have no idea where else it may go, but I am open to all possibilities m'lady, please know that at the outset.

And as for a new clue or two, here we go!

(continued, damn those character limits anyway!)

Anonymous said...

(please read this after the comment that follows it, that should put things in the proper order, I hope!)

The comment about your number is most gracious, but it was never disclosed to me during our late night conversations or "The Meeting" so many years ago. So sad, because now it would prove to be a great asset to me. But, you have my number, or at least you once possessed it. You had several ways to contact me, a few which you used on occasion in years gone by all too quickly. Do you have any other means by which I may contact you Lady DK?

And now, your last few clues for tonight, one of which has been given already. The next is the place we met, it was far into the northwest area of Regina, a place for many to gather and enjoy the food and drink and companionship of others. There were about 8 of us present. I say "about" only because we were at a round table and it had places for 8, and I believe they were all occupied. But, your "sometimer's monster" has invaded my personal thought retention device for many years now, so sad. I guess though that this monster has the right to invade myself for many more calendar ticks than your monster has with you. I have been on this blue ball we call home for many more complete calendars than you have, Lady DK.

There you have it, and actually as I count them, you have five new clues to help you discover my identity. I do hope you can discover it from this new batch because I have not many others to give you. Possibly one or two more, but that would be the extent of it before I end up revealing myself to you. And, despite the phrasing of my previous comment, that would be a good thing, or maybe a bad thing, dependent on what you had thought of/about myself in our previous meetings. I guess only time will tell Lady DK, maybe soon though, or at least I can hope it will be.

Soon the terrible "waiting/wondering" feeling will be gone and I will know if I still have a blossoming friendship, or if my ship will be sunk while sailing in very shallow waters!

Well wishes to you Lady DK, I will be reading you now with great anticipation. To see if the clues I have provided tonight will finally set that spark off to an open blaze, or whether there was not enough fuel for the spark and it died a slow and horrible death. That call is yours m'lady, I can only sit, and hope, and wonder, and finally find out if the tidbits over the years that I keep hearing of you were for a reason, or just to drive me slowly to the Land of La-La.

P.S. I have often thought that a good place to renew/restart our friendship, the one that started to blossom, would be at the place we first met, if you are agreeable to that. And if not, then maybe you could think of another place, one that you would feel safe and secure in, so that we might see what happens after you finally determine my identity. Just a thought though, so it can be adjusted/replaced/terminated at your whim. And you could even comment on this thought and it's answer in another place, far from the open forum that we are in right now, if you wish.

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