August 26, 2009

small things

1. I had clean clothes to wear this morning.
2. I only have 21 letters waiting on my desk (2 weeks worth)
3. I may have found space to store some 330,000 newsletters until after the by-election.
4. The cortizone cream appears to working.
5. I received my ticket information for my holiday. Jan 17/10 at 7 am I am OUTTA here!

August 25, 2009

4 letters - one word


August 20, 2009


As I have been reminded by my ladies - perhaps it's this horrible excuse for a summer that has me down. I believe that after I take devi (granddotter) for her first "big girl" salon haircut after work, I will go and get me some fake rays at brown sugar. That has never failed to make me feel better.

August 19, 2009

meh blech

I'm so tired of being me that I just don't even want to fuckin' bother. where'd my passion for life go? I don't care about getting the kitchen done - big D. the Jaymay trip could get cancelled - whatever... Haven't seen my friends for awhile. could give maybe half a damn about the grey hair and whiskers.

WTF is that about?

August 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Weatherman

You don't have to convince me that it's time for the kids to go back to school. Let up with the rain why don't you.

August 14, 2009

big deal - so it's friday - meh!

I'm old and tired and bent and busted
my thrice damned knees still can't be trusted
I'm a bit-ter wo-man...

It's raining and cold, had to cancel my campin'
cleanin' out a quansit s'all that'll be happenin'
I'm a bit-ter woman ...

so it's off to the Jaw in Dakar as soon as I get off work - for the second Friday running - and I'll be there till Sunday. Oh YAY!

hmmmm - I will quit whining know.

August 12, 2009

makes me ponder

Why is it that some of the most important information you receive would be considered heresy in a court of law? Always second hand and re-interpreted, and who's to say that that interpretation is correct? So what does one do with all the mixed up feelings that this information brings on? You can't speak directly to the source, you weren't there for the original conversation, and you weren't there when it passed to your messenger - so is it true or twisted?

And if I do take it to the source what other drama might ensue?

What's more important, my questions or friendship?

Can a friendship withstand so many unspoken questions and still be a friendship?

August 11, 2009

158 sleeps

got a new swim suit - black and red with a keyhole racer back for actual SMIMMING IN THE OCEAN. It matches my shiny luggage.... hmmmm I may need new water shoes...

August 06, 2009

something from wickedocity

Five oclock and bumper to bumper fumes billow horns bellow.
A pool of silence in the cacophony of rush hour traffic, alone in my car.

Alone is like being a river - it just goes on never ending,
slowly eroding the need for "the one",
desire sinking quietly into the riverbed to lay fallow and mostly unnoticed.

The longer it lasts, the easier it becomes not to make an effort to change it.
No one to answer to, no one to disappoint, self contained, self-alienated, cloistered.

Watching the thunderstorms of other's lives makes me tired sometimes.

August 05, 2009

the tree is dead

and I am trying to catch up on 6 weeks of missing sleep while praying to the hundred little gods to make my lower mobile appendages better sooner than later after purchasing shiny red airplane luggage for 164 days from now.

improvise & overcome

... and why would I choose to associate myself with a term that most used used in a derogatory manner?
In order to change the meaning of a word or create a new meaning for a word, one must own the word. Over time and use the word may evolve to mean other than was originally intended & to that end...
my definition: an independent woman

dictionary definitions:

1. informal term for a (young) woman
2. an unsupervised umarried woman
3. a young woman or girl, esp. a peasant girl.
(usually facetious)
3. a woman servant
4. a wanton woman
5. Archaic: a strumpet
[Origin: 1250–1300; ME, back formation from wenchel, OE wencel child]

synonom :"dame"

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