April 27, 2008

5 on the 27th

Susan G: you were my strange girlie friend who introduced me to free form dance and taught me that if you really wanted something, you could go out and make it happen. You were sad though and bruised and I always wondered if it was your invisible dad or your crazy Elvis obsessed brother. He sure had a whack of records.

Karen W: I loved going to your house, your mom was forever cooking and your bangs were as crooked as mine. I still have a scar on my neck where I almost strangled myself on the high school tennis net support wire. Note to self - do not play running tag in an area with grey wires at neck height at dusk.

Amy R: You had the most beautiful long curly strawberry blonde hair and you hated that your face was covered in freckles. You always smelled of lilac. You were so angry that Art got a crush on me and that I wouldn't dump Tomy for him. Tommy's dad looked like Tom Jones;)

Janelle R: You taught me how to successfully lie by avoidance. Snooper the cat had lived at my house for a year before my dad figured out she was a girl. My parents just didn't even consider that I would lie about such a thing. Hah! Snooper lived with us for 8 years until she was mauled by a loose dog. She was my best friend when I had none across 3 provinces. Thank you.

Kathleen M: Our little sisters were friends and we met during a fist fight on the school grounds coming to our sisters defense. Your house was a nest of wonderful surprises and your mom was so soft spoken. I think you were the first person I knew from a single parent home, even though no one talked about it, out loud.

April 24, 2008

dirty little secrets

Everyone has one, that nastiest of all personal bits of decrepitude. You know. Don't you? That sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, but most often disgusting personal habit. Perhaps something that ONLY YOU notice. That's right, and I'm not just speaking to the generally delusional here either.
Your studied nonchalance as you ... unobtrusively of course ... check your teeth in the mirror 230 degrees off the port bow - and then with all of the elegance of a stork in quicksand, flick it out of your teeth with a nailtip to sail all unknowing into someone's hair. Oblivious you are.
Quietly curled over your prei dieux, hands clasped in prayer as you nibble away the tiny uneven bits remaining after the nail has been masticated, while others hail your piety. Only you know.
Heart attack in progress jolting awake thumb surreptitiously dragged across the coverlet as you reach for the lamp. Internal voices singing the litany,"Did anyone see me? Is there drool on my face, on the pillow...?"
Wading through 5 o'clock traffic, peaceful isolation of your car. Dry air, cold, humidity, heat all common excuses for that insolent itch. "I'm alone, no one can see me" ... more a pick than a flick. Neither a kleenex nor a take-away napkin to be found.
Always hungry constant search for sustenance, protein, haaccchhhh! Don't you just love hairballs?
Please keep the toe & finger nails off the floor, out of the ashtray and out of the crack in your ass.
Toe jam is gross - wherever it is.

However, yours eyes are not disappearing into the baked wastelands of sunworn valleys, those are beauty marks not age spots, and all feet are not ugly to everyone.

Hmmm - not really sure where that came from, it must be Thursday.

April 23, 2008

new toys

My how time flies when you're banging your head on the desk/floor/wall. But it feels so good when you stop ;) It took me a couple of days but I did manage, without any extraneous assistance to hook up all the electronics including the surround sound and get it all to work. Yay ME! Bigger Yay for the tuneage. Now I can watch TV and crackbook on the commercials from the comfort of my sofa.

That would be next on the list. Now I need to build a 10" base to raise the seating some and then recover the couch and maybe add some stuffing to the cushiony bits. And Abigail is going to give me whatever leftover Tangerine crush she has left so there might just be enough to cover my tub chair in the office... where is that staplegun?

The knee is great. The plague has mostly passed, just a remnant of the hacking cough. Electrolysis has already sent half the black stubblies to whisker heaven, though the white ones are the most determined to keep living. Call me Santa! I have delivered on the birthday promises and thanks to my daughter - who called and told me Lenny Kravitz is coming to the Brandt center October 30 (3 days after my bday) - I HAVE FLOOR TICKETS!!!! so I think me and the dotter will be rockin out for my 47th bday. It will be a blast.
I checked the Calendar and the 30th is a Thursday payday with the 31st - best holiday of the year on a DO Friday. WHO HOO.
Life gets better.

April 17, 2008

aptronym ...

I've heard of synonyms, homonyms, seudonymns and antonyms, but never an aptronym.

An aptronym is a name "aptly" suited to it's owner. For example, Lord Brain who was a neurosurgeon. Slim Pickins who was both slim and a tremendous "picker". Fictitious names like "Mr. Worldly" or "Mr. Talkative".

Perhaps in the spirit of aptronymory I should change my last name to "Rambler". Mind you my real last names "from the North" which is apt all on its own.

I got new toys from FShop yesterday - let the geekdom reign!

April 16, 2008

bedroom toys
Powered By Limousines For Rent

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! go classics! thanks to Abigail and Neil

another bumpy hump day

Alrighty then, so it might have been a cold, a flue, the plague or I may have poisoned myself (doc thinks allergy related). No way to tell until I'm better and then I can try my herbal goodness once again (when I have a 3 day weekend to blow - just in case). If I get the same reaction after the 1st day, I'll have to give it up.... and it looked so goood to me.

I'm still choked up occasionally, but I think I'm past the drag the dingo through dirt exhausted portion.

I really need to clean my room.

I want things to be better for my kids and my friends who are sick and/or descrepit.


aaahhhhh. ok, better now

April 12, 2008

whiny day

I missed 2 days at work, on my FIRST fulltime week back after surgery.
I don't get to see the grands because I might be catching.
I missed going to a show with the girls Wed. nite
I missed dinner out last nite.
I will be missing Nick's bday party tonight at this rate.
I might even have to miss church tomorrow (the choir does not appreciate being continually interupted and it's nigh impossible to be singin')

It began when it started to rain Wed nite. Sinus release until thurs am with HUGE freaking headache. And the coughing ... by the hundred little gods ... till I vomit! Worst when I first get up. No particular chest congestion that I can tell. Allergy medication does nothing, nor does ventilin or the crap the doc gave me to replace the prednezone when I had pneumonia. Hot liquids seem to ease it for a bit, but not for long. Cough medicines do nothing - yet there it still is the tickle in the back of the throat and a dry cough kind of like when I walk by the dry cleaners (huge allergy to their chemicals). constantly. aarrrggghhhhhhhh!

At least today I don't feel quite so exhausted.

I am SO fucking tired of being sick, I eat healthy, I've been exercizing more, I take my vitamins, I avoid sick people when at all possible ... WTF!!!!

rant yell kick scream cough pound head on wall cough cry wail bemoan cough snivel vent whine cough ....

April 11, 2008

hack hack ...

choke spit ... #@$!%& allergies. (i think)

April 09, 2008

still good ;)

change is eternal ...

April 08, 2008

good news day ...

I am starting to feel not so icky, and I am quite thankful that I did not not get really ill - which I will attribute to my faithfully getting a flu shot for the last 4 years. Most of the people that I know that got caught in the last round of the plague were very sick for a minimum of 4 days. Really sick. Me, I was not very hungry, tired and low grade fever. I have been feeling fairly well since round lunchtime. YAHOO!!!!
And ...
This is close to the end of the 2nd full day back to work and ahhhhhhhh, I am so grateful to be one of those who truly enjoys their job.
And ...
Both my mortgage insurance and my banker came through with payments today - less than a week check it out! Not a lot, but now I don't feel like I'm paying that insurance for nothing and I know that should I need it, it is not to difficult to set in motion(very important).
And ... my health insurance called to tell me that they have now received everything they need and hopefully I will be getting the $$ for physio and prescriptions back by the weekend (not holding my breath).

Now if I can just get the $$ for the doctor's forms, which I've been told will take at least a few more weeks (4 already), I will have dealt with all the odds and sods left over from the knee surgery. The knee is great by the way and now I completely understand "gellin"... love those insoles.

So it's off to met Debs at the pub for a pint to celebrate such a wonderful day, and most likely see several more of my friends while we're there. Life is goody good good.

April 06, 2008

the sunday serenade

A frenetic and freeloading fraturday followed by a down to home weekend with visits from the girls and the grands. Confirmations on plans for Pavlo next weekend, so looking forward to it (flamenco guitar and cock6tails with the ladies).

Lots of walking completed, over 2.5 Km Thursday when I accidentally reset the counter. Did about 16 blocks on Friday. Saturday was about 26 AND several flights of slow stairs. Sunday I just toured the block a couple of times, though I had been keeping up with Devi for a while by then. I know it doesn't sound like much but after a few weeks of 0 Km ...

Devi woke up this morning not feeling well, a little pukey and develpoed a low fever before her parents picked her up. By about 2 I started to feel a tad peaked so I went and laid down for a "nap". I woke at 6:30 to the phone, which promptly hung up once I reached it. A little chicken soup, a hot shower, finish the mail and it's back to bed for me. I would way rather avoid this crap if I can.

Talk to ya'll in a few days.

April 05, 2008

sound pollution

Another shot poured and sunk, another step closer to unconsciousness. Seeking the numb quiet of silence. Peace. Every minute deflecting random attacks at linear time, clocks ticking away hour-long seconds. Scenes shifting midthought, playing destructo with logic patterns. Raging arguements trapped in the skull ... all yours. Filterless and staggering under the onslaught of everyday volumes, a constant distraction. That nasty hum from the flourescents, the ping of a dozen computers, 3 different tunes and several conversations all bounced into your dull beige cubicle brain.

Where was I?

No wonder I talk to my plants.

April 04, 2008


Heel scritches the curbway.
Vertiginous jolt and stumble, barely recovered.
Head snaps, hair swings and vertabrae crackle.
Did anyone see me?

"We did."
Park kids poking sticks.
Woman caged by her body's obsolescence.
Afraid that response evokes pack instinct.
Survey the threat and head drops, slump-shouldered in utter defeat.
She shuffles away.

A corner turned, harsh laugh barks through silent tears.
Head up, subservience sloughed as water on steel.
Photographic memory is a wondferful thing she tells the constable.

April 02, 2008

april the deuce

I am finally getting back to some sort of "normal" schedule. Well I still don't sleep a hell of a lot, but I'm fairly sure that I have already made up for that over the last few months. I have managed to catch up with a lot of my friends the past week and even though you know you missed them, you don't really Know you MISSED them till you see them again. It make sme happy.

It is weird to only be working afternoons, but I will be back to the regular hours come Monday and that will be even better. It is way easier to eat breakfast when I get up early for work and then I'm actually hungry at lunch-time, not 2 in the pm and 10 o'clock at night.

off to bed to stare at the ceiling, have a great hump day!

(fraturday is the day after)

April 01, 2008

April fool's

I decided not to torment anyone this morning;)

improvise & overcome

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3. a woman servant
4. a wanton woman
5. Archaic: a strumpet
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