April 23, 2008

new toys

My how time flies when you're banging your head on the desk/floor/wall. But it feels so good when you stop ;) It took me a couple of days but I did manage, without any extraneous assistance to hook up all the electronics including the surround sound and get it all to work. Yay ME! Bigger Yay for the tuneage. Now I can watch TV and crackbook on the commercials from the comfort of my sofa.

That would be next on the list. Now I need to build a 10" base to raise the seating some and then recover the couch and maybe add some stuffing to the cushiony bits. And Abigail is going to give me whatever leftover Tangerine crush she has left so there might just be enough to cover my tub chair in the office... where is that staplegun?

The knee is great. The plague has mostly passed, just a remnant of the hacking cough. Electrolysis has already sent half the black stubblies to whisker heaven, though the white ones are the most determined to keep living. Call me Santa! I have delivered on the birthday promises and thanks to my daughter - who called and told me Lenny Kravitz is coming to the Brandt center October 30 (3 days after my bday) - I HAVE FLOOR TICKETS!!!! so I think me and the dotter will be rockin out for my 47th bday. It will be a blast.
I checked the Calendar and the 30th is a Thursday payday with the 31st - best holiday of the year on a DO Friday. WHO HOO.
Life gets better.

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