April 08, 2008

good news day ...

I am starting to feel not so icky, and I am quite thankful that I did not not get really ill - which I will attribute to my faithfully getting a flu shot for the last 4 years. Most of the people that I know that got caught in the last round of the plague were very sick for a minimum of 4 days. Really sick. Me, I was not very hungry, tired and low grade fever. I have been feeling fairly well since round lunchtime. YAHOO!!!!
And ...
This is close to the end of the 2nd full day back to work and ahhhhhhhh, I am so grateful to be one of those who truly enjoys their job.
And ...
Both my mortgage insurance and my banker came through with payments today - less than a week check it out! Not a lot, but now I don't feel like I'm paying that insurance for nothing and I know that should I need it, it is not to difficult to set in motion(very important).
And ... my health insurance called to tell me that they have now received everything they need and hopefully I will be getting the $$ for physio and prescriptions back by the weekend (not holding my breath).

Now if I can just get the $$ for the doctor's forms, which I've been told will take at least a few more weeks (4 already), I will have dealt with all the odds and sods left over from the knee surgery. The knee is great by the way and now I completely understand "gellin"... love those insoles.

So it's off to met Debs at the pub for a pint to celebrate such a wonderful day, and most likely see several more of my friends while we're there. Life is goody good good.


i am the diva said...

have i ever mentioned how much i love your new blog-diggs?? loverly.

also, i awarded you for Most fun question!!

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