September 30, 2010

Fusion Woodworks

This is my brother-in0law Brian's family business. They're jumping into the digital age after 25 years of successful custom furniture and cabinetry design and manufacture. Their website just went up this week and even though it focuses on Hospitality and contract furniture, they also do residential jobs, and the furniture carries a 5 year warranty. Now where do you find that in this day and age.

If you look at the collections, I believe the most expensive bedroom suite (minus the actual bed) is priced at less than 2 grand.

Welcome to the interwebs fusion family ;)

September 27, 2010

catching up

Saw a whack of my friends this weekends, Run run run from Fri to early Sunday morning. 2 dinners, 3 birthdays, a going away and a leaving party along with a brunch and a coffee date thrown in. Almost missed the leaving party but Pretty Girl called me and woke me from my overlong nap (thank the 100 little gods), better late not not. A great night's sleep. Another sunny morning. Finished a bunch of housework and most of a coding project on Sunday that was due for the end of the month.

This morning my feet looked like baked potatoes and the rest of me was sing HR Puffinstuff. Probably too much time on my feet mixed in with a higher than usual salt intake from the various munchies. My feet are now doing better than the brown paper bags hanging out below my eyelids. Ah well.

Started to redo my website again, renewed interest. we'll see how it goes.

Made some really great soup yesterday too.

September 24, 2010


First weekend in half a dozen that I get to go out and play.

Just listen for the sounds of manaical glee, that would be me.

If you hear sirens ... come post my bail.

September 22, 2010

big freakin' huge ass grin

better wear shades ... it might blind ya ;)

Though it does kind of feel like wearing a mouth guard on the bottom.

Don't care though, not one little bit.


Havin' a bigt ole salad for lunch!

September 21, 2010

it is officially dk d day

I have been at work since 7am. Started early because I have THE appointment at 3:15. I have not been this excited since the day before I left for Jamaica last January. I cannot sit still. I cannot focus on my work. I do not have any patience and/or an attention span.

I want them now. OK, now. Fine, now.

It's not working.

How about now? Nope.


still waiting.

When you hear that heartfelt ground pounding WHOOP! at 3:30 - that would be me with a full set of teeth.

September 17, 2010

impatiently waiting

My social life is gone ... immured in my home for over a month ... by choice, it matters not. 4 more sleeps 4 more sleeps 4 more sleeps. At least the sun is shining today

September 14, 2010

try try again

If at first you don't succeed:

TTA (as above)

Change the freaking rules.

Dow'n worry a'bhat' id.

Do it again. and again. and again. number 9 number 9

Do something else.

Have a nap.

Reconsider the original goal and do it a different way.

Any one else?

September 10, 2010

f*ck it

I had 6 paragraphs written and they disappeared.

no teeth yet. work better. life sucks.

sorry bout that neilochka.

September 08, 2010

bump day

Last look at the clock read after 2am. Woke again at 5, then the blaring alarm screamed at me at 6:15 A roll & slam fixed that, and I promptly fell right back to sleep. Holy crap it's 7:08 and I'm usually in my car having the 1st smoke of the day as I turn into the parkade by this time.

22 minutes later - exactly on the cell phone, I am parking in the parkade. It isn't pretty but I am still on time.

At 3pm I have my appointment with the denturist to see if we can make the bumps impression to make the tray to settle the bite to make the tester to make new plates for my million dollar smile.

I just hope the bumps are healed enough

September 05, 2010


was oh so much better.

Damn I miss salad.

September 03, 2010

TGIF ~ GIST ~ and catching up

Ola - to all my scads of readers ;) I have been terribly remiss when it comes to my writing ~ especially here over the last 6 weeks. Lots going on.

I have been involved building a commercial website in exchange for labour and materials to reno my kitchen ~ an ongoing longterm project. While I used to be on top of all the whiz bang gadgetry of interwebdesign and coding, over the last 4 years I have not maintained those skill sets so I have been delving into old files and relearning language etc. We have agreed upon the format and I am just editing content and graphics now, so it should be good to go soon. I am thoroughly enjoying the project and had forgotten how much I actually love to design.

Which segues quite nicely into: which is good because I am still in my self imposed social isolation due to the dental fufrahah. Healing well, go for first impressions later next week, then several more appointments for bite and fit - hopefully by the weekend of September 18th I will have a million dollar smile - then I'm going to get a tooth gem ~ bling bling .... after I chow down the biggest bloodiest steak I can find.

And then it will be back to the soup and not so chewy foods for as long as I can last. I've lost 2 inches off my waist and at least 15 pounds in the last 3 weeks, so I'm hoping if I stay on the soup intake with as much as I want salad I should be able to get the hell off this fat plateau I've been on for so long and make a discernable dent in the excess flesh department. My knees are feeling better and my pants are once again threatening to fall down as I walk. YAY!

And perhaps I will need to do some sewing to take in my shorts so they don't fall down as I spend 3 glorious weeks walking the white sugar sand of 7 mile beach in Negril, Jamaica this coming January. My friends Kory, Brenda & I got some sweet deals, under $600 for direct return flights nad $1560 for 3 weeks at the Negril Beach Club condos. So for $2160 (a third of last year's 2 week all inclusive jaunt which I still do not regret at all)I get to spend an extra week. Maybe $500 for food and liquor and I'm good to go.

So along with my new teeth I am also getting new glasses in September and am working on finding a new job.

Everything else ... is details.

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