September 28, 2007

a la schmutz

several friends of mine have voiced a concern intrinsic to writers everywhere. who are my readers and what do they think? do they care? why don't they say hello? i know there's alot of paranoia out there, and some of it for a damn fine reason or to but really - most of us are relatively harmless and in the virtual world we don't even have teeth! so join us in

The Great Mofo Delurk
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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007
The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

September 27, 2007

5 on the 27th #1

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." Anais Nin

So la schmutzimo is doing the 5ox365 thing where she writes 50 words about someone whose fullname she remembers who influenced her life baji naji. like the great abigail, i will not commit myself to doing this everyday because sometimes social butterflies don't get near a computer for days on end. we could, but we don't ~ like camping trips and folkfestivals and week long patio parties which require 3 entire days worrth of sleep just to catch up from. so Abby, she had a great idea - once a month on a particular day she will write to 5 people of personal influence and keep it as vague as required in order not to stir the curent crew's drama stew should any of them be involved. i thought about it and this works for me too. SO ... I will do my 5 people paragraphs on the 27th of each month (MY BIRTHDAY NUMBER), though I tend to be a little more pointed than the world traveller ;)

1. In 1968 my grade two teacher Mrs. Flom used to make errors in pronouncing my last name. It's not hard, there are no silent letters and an even proprtion of cvowels and consanants. nordquist. she would call me southeast and northwest nordtwist ... get the picture. then the kids would ride me mercilessly and i was forced to bloody several noses and shred the knees of several promising pugilists in defending my family honour. Thanks for the help teacher.

2. Cora Lynne Olsen used to live 3 houses down from me on Beaverbrook Street in Winnipeg. She was by bestest friend from kindergarten until halfay through grade 3. I have lsot her in all our frequest childhood moves. i have pictures though. Brownies, guides, swimming lessons, the production of "There was an Old Woman" at Rainbow Stage for summer theatre. sleepovers princess hallowe'ens and playing doctor with the three muskateers in kindergarten. her mom wove on a loom. we were both auburn and her sister Anna Marie had the most gorgeous long blonde hair ... You made my life happy Cora Lynne. I wish I could find you.

3. Uncle Fred Debrecen. you were cool and urban and oozed style and rejoiced in me being me. you let me explore and deal with my own consequences. you were one of the first to notice that i was an old soul who only needed to be allowed to seek out opportunity to grasp it. the semi transparent human profiles painted onyour living room wall interested me in real art. thanks for taking Les and rollerskating and to the movies and letting us go to polo park with hmmmm - Randy and Brian? theytaught me how to play "george of the jungle on the drums" which i learned to play properly much later. You are wonderful and Leslie is lucky.

4. Thank you for marrying me in grade 5/6 Tommy. I wish my mom had not made me give you the ring back. your kiss made me weak in the knees and your dad was HOT!

5. mtg you didn't just break my heart you spent years shredding it. that's why it seems I get angry whenever i see your name. it's not anger it's pain.

September 26, 2007

hump day

my sudden realization that next wednesday will be in october (not like it should be a surprise but the end of deck days always does that to me) hit me last night as some of the crew shared a few pints and a toast to one of the best summers many of us had enjoyed in years. though there were many detractors concerning the high temps and humidity, most of us wallowed in it like sneetches on beaches. the whole payoff for the seemingly endless flatlands winters is the extreme heat in the summer. soak up enough of it and you might stay warm through the long cold night that is always just around the corner.

this year we even get a real autumn! the trees started turning about a week or so ago and the rain that has fallen was not accompanied by whirlwinds so the wooded avenues are capped by flaming banners of red, gold and umber, glowing against the deep green of conifers or against a sky that can't decide whether to shuffle along in dirty sheepskin slippers or make us shiny happy people with it's endless cerulean expanse.

crispy mornings and lazy just warm enough for a few pints on the deck afternoons, with evenings greatly suited to a fire in the backyard pit with cocoa and toasted marshmallows. not quite cold enough to start up the indoor fireplaces though the rads in my condo are occasionally practicing there distinctly out of tune chorus as they kick in in the wee hours of the morning. clunk clunk crank hiss splutter warble clunk. each rad has its own anti-rhythmic voice and I have at least come up with an idea to reduce the splutter hissing noises.

plans for the hallowe'en costumes are aborning. i am blessed with a bunch of crazy talents for friends who jump in whole heartedly to the madness of creation for the best holiday of the year! the house of pain has been booked for the costume party which will also serve as a celebratory platform for several birthdays, mine included on the 27th (which is actually my birthday), so I am quite looking forward to the hoopla. abby is even going to get the disco ball out! oh happy day!

my only problem now is to decide what i want to be this year - I already have 3 or 4 costumes i could use but it's startin' to feel like some added effort might be required ... and my twisty brain has ALL these ideas popping in and out. we'll see. i was into the tickle trunk (actually my old kitchen cupboards now employed as extra storage in my room) earlier this week for material to make a veil for belly dancing - which turned out smashing by the way - i wonder if i can find an old men's black suit jacket? ... and a skinny tie maybe ... and off the imagination springs down another creative path ...

well off to work we go ... hope everyone has a great day!

September 25, 2007

Daaaaaaay - O

de dayay de dayay de day ay ay O
daylight come and I don't wa - a - anna go.

another bright bright bright ... sun shiny day

ah feel good! whooo like I knew that I would now ...( little jazz feets)

belly dancing and belly laughs - cures the ills, at least for this morning - and that's all good ;)

September 24, 2007

thanks bob

and schmutzie, savia and abby .... too hilarious and a great idea

the Top 5 : la diva meme

for la diva and her homesick sister: we've started a meme for Kristen, each one is another flatlands hug :)

Who are your TOP FIVE FUCKABLE CELEBRITIES? (and it has to be celebs only, musicians are another species altogether) these are mine: in no particular order

1. Djimon Honsou
2. Sean Connery
3. Angelina Jolie&BradPitt ( if the diva can double up so can i)
4. Johnny Depp
5. Samual L Jackson

only 5 - that's just sooo limiting. now, what to wear .......

another week

hmpf! , apparently I've been rather less involved with my digital life this week. i didn't answer my emails for like 4 days, or go on crack book more than twice and I haven't said hi here since last tuesday.

my humblest apologies.

i have been crazy busy at work, had visitors from out of town, friends with problems that needed my assistance, belly dancing classes, bronchitis, the hilly billy patio party, a friend's dad passed away, one of the adopted tribe is off to costa rica for 4 months so there was extended family supper, a son that should be moving out next week but i have no idea what the plan is and a distinct and recurring urge to curl up in my nice warm bed and sleep.

but today i am wide awake and bushy tailed and off on a journey once again... wish me luck.

September 18, 2007

catch up

busy busy - everything went well till sunday morning. which sucked. long story, suffice it to say that there is a certain person who has let himself in for a freakin' whack of bad karma - though it was not related directly to me.

note: do not piss off a mom.

1st belly dancing class monday night. amazing - had so much fun, though i did scare myself when we started shimmying - there were parts of me moving that i didn't even know were there! quite hilarious with such a wide assortment of women. there are a couple of girls 16 or 17 right up to a grandma of 68. so when we started doing chest thrusts and hip circles the resultant movements were not exactly synchronized. oh, and lordy the arm circles almost set me on a flight path - there's enough chicken wing on me to graduate to a great eagle. YUCK! but that is one of the points, or blobs of taking the class. i did last the whole class and for such slow movements it's quite the workout on concentrated muscle isolations and you work up a good heat. i was exultant that this morning did not begin with my imitation of "the crooked little man with a crooked little house". my knee was kind of twitchy but not really any worse than normal. let us all pray to the hundred little gods that this works to shove me off the plateau i've been stuck on for a few months. i absolutely detest being obese. (lovely word - the doctor tells me it means weighing over 200 pounds - thanks doc, i think i prefer hefty)

then of course there was the power outage last night. i woke up at 3 am to spooky black darkness and could not for the life of me figure out why if the power was out did i keep hearing this beep beep beep beep beep, silence ..... and again .... and again . i grabbed my handy dandy kinetic flashlight and started searching - after 15 minutes i realized it was the alarm on my UPS (pc back up power supply). so i had a smoke and went back to bed sure that i would as usual wake up sometime between 6:30 and 7.

HAH! not after having a completely restless sleep from the damn power supply warning every 15 minutes - and you don't really want to turn it off now do you? needless to say i woke up with my alarm clock reading 12:47 and it was about 7:45. i did make it to work by 8:15, but I've been dragging my ass all day.

Letter to the American Power tower that got blown over:

I just wanted to thank you for my uninterrupted sleep last night. it was so restfule. i am jubliant that even though we supply your country with power at criminally cheap rates, damages to your own power grid result in interruptions in ours. Thank you oh brilliant canadians in charge of signing the Free Trade Act. this is really helpful.

September 14, 2007

finish what you start!

friday is here, finally. what a long week! work work work - but i was pretty damned productive even in my off hours. i managed to get "to done" most of what i could finish on my own from my "to do" list. you know those nagging little tasks that seem to fit so well into the "round tuit" category. sort the umpteen million tshirts that you haven't worn for 2 years and probably won't fit for another 2 years and give them away: done (i now have 2 empty shelves in the closet) finish deb's dress: done (she will be over to check the length tonight after work) sort & label the artsy craftsy stuff: done ( now i might be able to find what i am looking for) register for belly dancing class: done ( you got move it move it ) start the xmas list: in progress (it is only September, but I'm usually 3/4 done this by this date) go to the doctor and get some antibiotics for the incipient fall season bronchitis: done ( went tuesday & feeling much better now) get the photos i took for people resized, formatted and burned: done (with extra copies even) get all the interior plants moved inside before the frost: done (HAH! fie on you autumn) pick up cards and presents for September birthdays: done (that's actually a fun thing!) fix the computer: %$#@! - not done yet but not for lack of effort ( it appears it is format time) make arrangements to paint Murray's soon to be Deb's room: done (paint from Chris and Murray to do the labour) send out invitations for Darrell & Jill's last patio party: done (gotta love facebook) talk to the manchild to see what i can do to help with the move: done (will lend him my tower until he can get a new PC of his own - now THAT surprised him) make sure the daughter knows i love her: done call my dad: doing that tonight ( why do i always put that off? ) return the library books: doing today (i have to finish the last of them at lunchtime and they aren't even overdue yet) deal with the door with the missing panel: improvised ( switching office door for bedroom door and then when i can rub to fifties together get coloured glass cut to replace missing panel) catch up on my blog reading: twill be my evening enjoyment after supper

whew! what's really cool about all this is that i managed to read 3 books too.

and now the get rid of the round tuits list:
clean the self cleaning oven: this weekend (like that's hard - sheesh), make new steam caps for rads: next week (to muffle noise) paint the bisected living room wall and rad cover (have the paint just need to do the work) clean and organize the hall closet (on saturday's agenda before deck-a-dance) get the cat carrier from the sister: next thursday, do the seasonal change of wardrobe : 1st week of october ( it will be nice until then) lift a corner of the sawdust board in the kitchen to determine just exactly what kind of shape the 100 year old hardwood in the kitchen is in: by the end of september, fix my bedroom door knob: next week (need to get the hardware) oh YEAH! have a life!

so the weekend looks to be another busy one ~ Deb's birthday, Jaime & Curits engagement potluck, brunch with the family sunday and all the tasks already assigned. wish me luck :)

September 12, 2007

guilty pleasures ...

it's time to come clean (from abigail's

1. What Not To Wear
2. french fries & gravy
3. smooth pates
4. guinness
5. nakedness
6. frozen buttertart pie
7. good scotch
8. hagen das chocolate
9. bubbly baths
10. dancing till my feet hurt
11. Skipping out on work, just to do nothing at all.
12. Cigarettes.
13. KFC's gravy.
14. lacey frilly matching lingerie
15. the Enquirer
16. Elton John
17. scampi
18. Angelina
19. truffles
20. ignoring my email for a day
21. designing and redesigning the wish list for renos for my condo
22. writing naughty literature
23. Facebook.

being good part 2

okay so i got lost in my little rant last time so now i will make a studied effort at remaining focused on my subject. being good. this all started with "i had a long weekend" which just happens to include a thursday (ladies night), friday (fraturday on the patio) and saturday (also usually a fraturday and spent either on the patio or at some other thirst quenching venue) and of course sunday which is usually family day at the daughter's but has been known to end with trivia night at the pub. being good means staying away from all the places in which i have SO much fun and ingest all kinds of things that are bad for me (too many cigarettes, guinness and take out).

finding the middle way has always been an issue for me because i am an all or nothing sort. i have spent at least the last 15 years trying to stay the path, and inevitably i stray. well stray probably is not the right word. how about jump off with abandon. or abandon the path with relish i as i anticipate long sultry autumnal evenings of laughter and general debauchery. or i might convince myself that 10 guinness is the middle of the pub path (i'm a very good debater especially when i know the weaknesses of my opponent).

so now you have an idea how hard it is for me to be (oh look there's a shiny thing) good.

Thursday night i stayed home and for 9 hours attempted to wrestle this lovely trojan downloader worm off of my laptop. i did manager to remove over 300 instances of the virus or downloaded spam programs it had invited in but i cannot find in all the registry the actual key to get rid of the worm. no i did not download this virus. mostly it just launches IE broweser windows randomly when i least need it to. yeah yeah serves me right for running micro$uck$. i will just keep flogging it till i win or give up and flatten the machine. HAH - i have back ups of all my stuff, i just don't want to waste all that time reinstalling everything.

Friday i continued the clean sweeping of the office and started on the kitchen, laundry and the living room plus a trip to the Safeway to replenish the food stocks. after 2 hours of frantically looking for a replacement dinner partner (my friend Lu was supposed to come but ended up visiting emaergency with poor Nicki for interminable hours) my sister Liza and I headed out to the grand opening for Aspens - the Emerald Park Golf & Country Club, where my son is a sous chef. tasty tasty tasty and i won a mini Mike's Hard Lemonade miniature fridge to boot. prime rib, yorkshire, aparagus, several salads and appies, salmon ... and desserts to die for especially the triple chocolate torte.
thsnk you son for the tickets it was great to go out with just the sister. then it was another 3 or 4 hours of virus wrestling.

Saturday dawned bright and shiny and CRISP. the deck plants need to come in. where will i put them? then began a string of tasks that eventually allowed me to get the plants inside in the appropriate places, the extra long spider babies repotted, and the living room plants and rad covers rearranged. then it was attack the kitchen. clean & clear the fridge. pull appliances out and clean, attempt to scrub some crud off the walls, clean out all the drawers and shelves and throw away no less than 4 garbage bags of stuff that i had saved for some future use and reorganize what was left as well as packing boxes of kitchen stuff for the boy's upcoming move... then it was off to the grandkids for a sleepover.

i got home noonish sunday and immediately crashed until 3:30. got up and went to the store, made something to eat and went back to napland till around 8pm. up to read for awhile, a few hours on the phone, shampoo and shower and man i could not believe how tired i was ... and i was back to sleep.

that is a weekend of my being good. as a side note i found out yesterday (i've been hacking since Sunday) that i have a lovely case of bronchitis for which i am now on antibiotics. this also explains why i was so tired.

September 10, 2007

being good.

it was a long weekend for me just past. i work 47 minutes extra every workday for 9 days (2 work weeks) and then i get the 10th workday off with pay. this is called a, EDO - Earned Day off, which eventually gets shortened to DO and then expanded to Payday Fridays Off which then bred Thirstday... i needed to explain the details because i am quite sick and tired of the sneering little toejam lickers who feel it is their duty and their RIGHT to whine about the "freeloading government workers" out of the sides of their snide lipless mugs without even having the balls to make a comment to my face! cowardly 18 year old paris hilton inspired cuntcarriers.

there are several points i need to make here so i apologize ahead of time to those already have this information. i know it's a stretch that any of the bimbettes in training will ever read this blog since it doesn't have any shiny colours and OH YEAH - they'd have to be able to read.

i am 45 years old and have been working at one job or another since i was 10 (1971 or so - babysitting, newspapers, odd jobs ~ child labour laws notwithstanding) there have been very few times in my life when i wasn't working. a couple of short term unemployments a couple of months apiece, 2 weeks when i had my daughter and a month when i had my son. i did go to university for 4 years by living on my student loans (which i finally paid off just before i turned 40) and a series of absolutely terrible part time jobs like any other single mom who is also a student. i KNOW what working for minimum wage in a shifted no future service industry retail job is like. that's why i spent years and thousands of dollars completing a university education.

in 1994 i was released from my job and i made a list of the requirements for future employers. i was quits with the whole work harder for less ideal. i didn't use the classifieds, i wasn't finished my degree - still had a year and a bit to go. i made a list of what i wanted and then went looking for employers who had it. a pension plan, health&dental benefits and a union. so only after 10-12 years in the workforce and spending big buck$ on an education did i land a job with a crowncorp, and a temp - parttime one at that! but i stuck it out, turned down other full time jobs and after 2 years finally qualified for a full time position. after 14 years i have a job i love with good benefits and great people. but it did not just fall into my lap.

as for the whole government worker=useless employee that just pisses me off. in EVERY job there are dogphuckers and if the organization is a large one they just seem to be more noticeable. i work for my pay as do my friends. i am not digging ditches, and i am finally off the technical support desk and out of a call center environment but i do my job well and i put every effort into making sure that all of my work is completed. the occasional slack day is always balanced out by several weeks of run-as-fast-as-you-can. call it a personal work ethic. yes i know, not everyone does. but the unknown strumpets making remarks were commenting on my conversation (point of reference).

as for DOs the company bargained with the union and decided that it was more productive to have everyone work a little longer for 9 out of 10 working days, and have the 10th day off. there is no freeloading there. the time is already worked. never mind that even though we generally get paid well above minimum wage, we also pay well above the minimum wage earners' taxes.

last year i shelled out over $16,000 in taxes/CPP/EI deductions. and still had to pay another $1500 in taxes. i have my own pension plan and will be lucky if there is are any appreciable funds left in the Canada pension fund in 25 years. the extended sick leave plan at my work place is MUCH better than EI sickleave. i will not ever be pregnant again. i will not quit my job voluntarily. i hope that i will not get fired, and if the layoffs start over 2000 other people need to be laid off before me (bumping rights & seniority).

i feel MUCH better now, thanks for listening :) even though the original line of what i was going to talk about has been completely hijacked - ah well there is always tomorrow.

September 06, 2007

change is eternal ... and this time tis bittersweet. my boy/man/youngest child is movin' out on his own at the end of this month. i find myself swinging between joy at having a space of my own and trepidation because except for 6 months in 2002/03 i've not lived alone for 30 years. mind you i was just fine in a few days, when he moved to Banff some other members of the homely crew.

i am attempting to displace the mommy losing her baby crap (i mean c'mon - he's 24 for goodness sake) with all the positives that will come from the changes descending on me. i am welcoming the new lifespace we will both have. perhaps we can recover the friendship that has been so strained the past year. he is tired of living with mom and mom will be happy to have a break from the homely crew. the silence will be weird, but this time i have my faithful harmonic radiators, each of which sings a descant of slightly different pitch than the other ( 7 of them ). add to that my singing floor (100 year old hardwoods) and i'm sure i'll be fine.

i will certainly miss my friend and the occasional hug & his singing along with the computer, and his penchant for arguing just for the sake of arguing (though this does occasionally drive me bats, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). oh yes - and the more practical things he gives me a hand with like grocery, garbage, and laundry haulage ( i live on the second floor & the laundry is in the basement) and replacing the light bulbs on my 10 foot ceilings. i will worry, but that's what mom's do.

my daughter has family dinners every Sunday, so i'll see him there when i drop in at least once a month, and we have already made plans to have dinner every couple of weeks on his day off. surprisingly enough even though he has left before it's just harder to see him go the second time, probably because i don't think he'll be moving back. i won't miss the mess in the kitchen or by the computer, tripping over shoes or the many phone calls that aren't for me (especially in the wee hours of the morning) but i do hope he and the homely crew drop by once in a while for a chat over coffee. i know i'm just being maudlin and will be quite happy to have only myself to blame if the house is messy or the dishes aren't done .... but still.

it seems like so many things are changing or maybe i have just decided that if there's a BIG change happening maybe i should implement everything all at once and only have to go through this crud once. so my girlfriend Carrie and i start belly dancing lessons on the 20th, i plan to stop smoking October 1st (maybe earlier but i doubt it) which will give me a month before Deb moves in and there's already have a "no smoking in the house" rule. i've re-inflated the yoga ball and will reintroduce myself to that. back to the healthy regimen where it comes to food, carbs and cholesterol. i am still clean sweeping the condo and reducing the "things", though my daughter said i shouldn't get rid of ALL my "stuff".

the TO DO list is getting longer. access to an electrician has sort of fallen into my lap so i am getting new light fixtures in the spare room, the office and the kitchen and 2 loose light switches tightened in early October, so at least those will come off the list. then all i need to do is finish Deb's dress, fix Mur's hoodie, replace/restore the kitchen floor, get the new sinkbase installed and a new back splash built for the wall taps,and get the viruses off my computer.

and it's not like i'll be alone long ... one of my best friends Deb is moving in at the end of October. we've lived together before so we know it works well. we like the same kind of music and share a cross section of friends, we both have adult children and enjoy similar after work entertainments. the financial benefits certainly won't hurt either, i might even get my kitchen cupboards by 2009.

September 05, 2007

happier camper

and home sweet home, lu's little forest meadow with a half cord of wood to burn and chipymunks and big grey squirrels who come and play tug of war with us for peanuts.

i grab the broom and sweep away all the cobwebs and spiders from the deck and door while Lu brings the cooler. Then I do the spider sweep inside while she sweeps the detritus off the deck. (Lu REALLY doesn't like spiders but she has gotten up enough nerve over the last few years to even kill a couple herself - but it's much easier on both of us if i clear the place once right away). inside of 30 minutes we've got the bras off, (first things first) car unloaded, coffee made, deck chairs out, fire started, supper marinating and the cards being shuffled for hand and foot canasta. we're quick and we've been doing this long enough that we've got a groove.

Luanne kicked my ass quite thoroughly that first game and it simply marked a trend that would continue throughout the weekend until the very last hand on Sunday. Scrabble was a toss up - a win apiece. the fire burned down to some good charcoal and it was time to cook the beastie steaks. mmmm... Tbone marinated and sizzling over a real wood fire, all tangy with sauce and still bleeding ... it's just heaven i tell you. with thinsliced potatoes with onions mushrooms garlic and butter all roasted to a crisp. we were so full we almost couldn't finish the steaks... but it was soooo good.

and the rest of the weekend flew by. crispy chilly in the morning and sultry in the afternoon. no phones, cats or boys underfoot. a well earned reprieve from reginatown.

September 04, 2007

a happy camper

sorry i haven't seen you in a bit. it was labourday longweekend which is the girl's ritual weekend away at Lu's camper in Sherwood Forest. it's not like tent camping, but then as we mature we find that we like to sleep off the floor and have a solid roof overhead in case it rains/freezes/hails/snows (all of which have occurred of the years) as well as having an unrestricted source of tuneage for the weekend. Lu has a 23' camper that breaks down to 2xdouble beeds and 3 singles if neccesary, and all the amenities as well as a huge awning over the deck to keep the drizzle out if we're playing scrabble out in the rain :)

This year the hundred little gods shone down upon us as the myriad difficulties that attempted interfere with the annual search for peace at the end of summer were fizzled into nothing more than some serious precamping stress. drop a note on facebook that you're gone til monday, a coupla emails to friends and a chat with the boy, then cash in hand & off to the market and the butcher's. Stop for that nastiest of habits - cigarettes - fill up with gas and get out of town.

ahhhh the open road, even just the 20 minute drive to the forest is so relaxin'. the grainfields are just beautiful this time of year - the wheat is all golden and heavy and the rye looks like a field full of whisk brooms brushing the dust out of the air. so we turned off on the road to the forest and couldn't figure out why the road was sooo smooth. DOH! well it might be because we were on the wrong road - it was paved and the road to the forest most emphatically is NOT! a quick uturn and 2 minutes and we were on our way once again.

so we got to the gateway for the forest and then we couldn't find the damn gate pass. after several scrambled minutes of searching we finally found the damn pass. Lu "but that pass is yellow" dk "yeah so - it's the only pass in the car" Lu "i think it's last year's pass" dk "I think you have too many cards and places to put them" Lu "I'm sure that this year's pass is purple" dk "it probably is but we might as well try this anyhow" Lu sticks the pass in the gate: nada bupkiss not even a tremor in the gate arm. Lu leans over and hits the intercom: "I forgot my pass to .." and the girl at the desk inside the clubhouse doesn't even let her finish and she lets us in.

the trees are green and the birds are chirping and the kids are playing touchfootball and the sun is shining and we have the windows rolled down as we drive into her spot ... SMACK ... freaking treebranch right on my elbow. yup we're in the nature now :)

cont'd ....

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