September 12, 2007

guilty pleasures ...

it's time to come clean (from abigail's

1. What Not To Wear
2. french fries & gravy
3. smooth pates
4. guinness
5. nakedness
6. frozen buttertart pie
7. good scotch
8. hagen das chocolate
9. bubbly baths
10. dancing till my feet hurt
11. Skipping out on work, just to do nothing at all.
12. Cigarettes.
13. KFC's gravy.
14. lacey frilly matching lingerie
15. the Enquirer
16. Elton John
17. scampi
18. Angelina
19. truffles
20. ignoring my email for a day
21. designing and redesigning the wish list for renos for my condo
22. writing naughty literature
23. Facebook.


savia said...

I'm stealing this, too!

Abigail Road said...

OH ya! What Not To Wear!

That should have been on my list!

wench said...

can you imagine the looks on their faces when they see all my tie die and marley shirts - Stacey'll have a rhoid!

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