September 24, 2007

the Top 5 : la diva meme

for la diva and her homesick sister: we've started a meme for Kristen, each one is another flatlands hug :)

Who are your TOP FIVE FUCKABLE CELEBRITIES? (and it has to be celebs only, musicians are another species altogether) these are mine: in no particular order

1. Djimon Honsou
2. Sean Connery
3. Angelina Jolie&BradPitt ( if the diva can double up so can i)
4. Johnny Depp
5. Samual L Jackson

only 5 - that's just sooo limiting. now, what to wear .......


i am the diva said...

How about if i bring my 5 (plus foursome) over to your 5 (plus 3way) and we all party down!!

wench said...

well let me see, hmmm is that my arm you're twisting - ok - count me in...

but there wasn't room for:

Harrison Ford
John Travolta
Al Pacino
Kiefer Sutherland
and Harry & Wills the Wales boys ... and Danny Bonaduce

cheers baby

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