September 04, 2007

a happy camper

sorry i haven't seen you in a bit. it was labourday longweekend which is the girl's ritual weekend away at Lu's camper in Sherwood Forest. it's not like tent camping, but then as we mature we find that we like to sleep off the floor and have a solid roof overhead in case it rains/freezes/hails/snows (all of which have occurred of the years) as well as having an unrestricted source of tuneage for the weekend. Lu has a 23' camper that breaks down to 2xdouble beeds and 3 singles if neccesary, and all the amenities as well as a huge awning over the deck to keep the drizzle out if we're playing scrabble out in the rain :)

This year the hundred little gods shone down upon us as the myriad difficulties that attempted interfere with the annual search for peace at the end of summer were fizzled into nothing more than some serious precamping stress. drop a note on facebook that you're gone til monday, a coupla emails to friends and a chat with the boy, then cash in hand & off to the market and the butcher's. Stop for that nastiest of habits - cigarettes - fill up with gas and get out of town.

ahhhh the open road, even just the 20 minute drive to the forest is so relaxin'. the grainfields are just beautiful this time of year - the wheat is all golden and heavy and the rye looks like a field full of whisk brooms brushing the dust out of the air. so we turned off on the road to the forest and couldn't figure out why the road was sooo smooth. DOH! well it might be because we were on the wrong road - it was paved and the road to the forest most emphatically is NOT! a quick uturn and 2 minutes and we were on our way once again.

so we got to the gateway for the forest and then we couldn't find the damn gate pass. after several scrambled minutes of searching we finally found the damn pass. Lu "but that pass is yellow" dk "yeah so - it's the only pass in the car" Lu "i think it's last year's pass" dk "I think you have too many cards and places to put them" Lu "I'm sure that this year's pass is purple" dk "it probably is but we might as well try this anyhow" Lu sticks the pass in the gate: nada bupkiss not even a tremor in the gate arm. Lu leans over and hits the intercom: "I forgot my pass to .." and the girl at the desk inside the clubhouse doesn't even let her finish and she lets us in.

the trees are green and the birds are chirping and the kids are playing touchfootball and the sun is shining and we have the windows rolled down as we drive into her spot ... SMACK ... freaking treebranch right on my elbow. yup we're in the nature now :)

cont'd ....

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