September 05, 2007

happier camper

and home sweet home, lu's little forest meadow with a half cord of wood to burn and chipymunks and big grey squirrels who come and play tug of war with us for peanuts.

i grab the broom and sweep away all the cobwebs and spiders from the deck and door while Lu brings the cooler. Then I do the spider sweep inside while she sweeps the detritus off the deck. (Lu REALLY doesn't like spiders but she has gotten up enough nerve over the last few years to even kill a couple herself - but it's much easier on both of us if i clear the place once right away). inside of 30 minutes we've got the bras off, (first things first) car unloaded, coffee made, deck chairs out, fire started, supper marinating and the cards being shuffled for hand and foot canasta. we're quick and we've been doing this long enough that we've got a groove.

Luanne kicked my ass quite thoroughly that first game and it simply marked a trend that would continue throughout the weekend until the very last hand on Sunday. Scrabble was a toss up - a win apiece. the fire burned down to some good charcoal and it was time to cook the beastie steaks. mmmm... Tbone marinated and sizzling over a real wood fire, all tangy with sauce and still bleeding ... it's just heaven i tell you. with thinsliced potatoes with onions mushrooms garlic and butter all roasted to a crisp. we were so full we almost couldn't finish the steaks... but it was soooo good.

and the rest of the weekend flew by. crispy chilly in the morning and sultry in the afternoon. no phones, cats or boys underfoot. a well earned reprieve from reginatown.

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Abigail Road said...

Glad you had a good time. My camping trip was nice and relaxing as well.

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