September 26, 2007

hump day

my sudden realization that next wednesday will be in october (not like it should be a surprise but the end of deck days always does that to me) hit me last night as some of the crew shared a few pints and a toast to one of the best summers many of us had enjoyed in years. though there were many detractors concerning the high temps and humidity, most of us wallowed in it like sneetches on beaches. the whole payoff for the seemingly endless flatlands winters is the extreme heat in the summer. soak up enough of it and you might stay warm through the long cold night that is always just around the corner.

this year we even get a real autumn! the trees started turning about a week or so ago and the rain that has fallen was not accompanied by whirlwinds so the wooded avenues are capped by flaming banners of red, gold and umber, glowing against the deep green of conifers or against a sky that can't decide whether to shuffle along in dirty sheepskin slippers or make us shiny happy people with it's endless cerulean expanse.

crispy mornings and lazy just warm enough for a few pints on the deck afternoons, with evenings greatly suited to a fire in the backyard pit with cocoa and toasted marshmallows. not quite cold enough to start up the indoor fireplaces though the rads in my condo are occasionally practicing there distinctly out of tune chorus as they kick in in the wee hours of the morning. clunk clunk crank hiss splutter warble clunk. each rad has its own anti-rhythmic voice and I have at least come up with an idea to reduce the splutter hissing noises.

plans for the hallowe'en costumes are aborning. i am blessed with a bunch of crazy talents for friends who jump in whole heartedly to the madness of creation for the best holiday of the year! the house of pain has been booked for the costume party which will also serve as a celebratory platform for several birthdays, mine included on the 27th (which is actually my birthday), so I am quite looking forward to the hoopla. abby is even going to get the disco ball out! oh happy day!

my only problem now is to decide what i want to be this year - I already have 3 or 4 costumes i could use but it's startin' to feel like some added effort might be required ... and my twisty brain has ALL these ideas popping in and out. we'll see. i was into the tickle trunk (actually my old kitchen cupboards now employed as extra storage in my room) earlier this week for material to make a veil for belly dancing - which turned out smashing by the way - i wonder if i can find an old men's black suit jacket? ... and a skinny tie maybe ... and off the imagination springs down another creative path ...

well off to work we go ... hope everyone has a great day!


Abigail Road said...

Last night was great.

I can't wait for Halloween, although i'm not too pumped about October coming so soon....i want more september!

Pocket.Buddha said...

i like your account of the rad clunking to life, this apt. being my first experience with such things i was scared and confuzed to an embarassing extent when mine started up.

wench said...

well they do sound rather ghostly - kind of like Jacob Marley for A Christmas Carol - it took me half a winter to get used to them ;)

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