September 10, 2007

being good.

it was a long weekend for me just past. i work 47 minutes extra every workday for 9 days (2 work weeks) and then i get the 10th workday off with pay. this is called a, EDO - Earned Day off, which eventually gets shortened to DO and then expanded to Payday Fridays Off which then bred Thirstday... i needed to explain the details because i am quite sick and tired of the sneering little toejam lickers who feel it is their duty and their RIGHT to whine about the "freeloading government workers" out of the sides of their snide lipless mugs without even having the balls to make a comment to my face! cowardly 18 year old paris hilton inspired cuntcarriers.

there are several points i need to make here so i apologize ahead of time to those already have this information. i know it's a stretch that any of the bimbettes in training will ever read this blog since it doesn't have any shiny colours and OH YEAH - they'd have to be able to read.

i am 45 years old and have been working at one job or another since i was 10 (1971 or so - babysitting, newspapers, odd jobs ~ child labour laws notwithstanding) there have been very few times in my life when i wasn't working. a couple of short term unemployments a couple of months apiece, 2 weeks when i had my daughter and a month when i had my son. i did go to university for 4 years by living on my student loans (which i finally paid off just before i turned 40) and a series of absolutely terrible part time jobs like any other single mom who is also a student. i KNOW what working for minimum wage in a shifted no future service industry retail job is like. that's why i spent years and thousands of dollars completing a university education.

in 1994 i was released from my job and i made a list of the requirements for future employers. i was quits with the whole work harder for less ideal. i didn't use the classifieds, i wasn't finished my degree - still had a year and a bit to go. i made a list of what i wanted and then went looking for employers who had it. a pension plan, health&dental benefits and a union. so only after 10-12 years in the workforce and spending big buck$ on an education did i land a job with a crowncorp, and a temp - parttime one at that! but i stuck it out, turned down other full time jobs and after 2 years finally qualified for a full time position. after 14 years i have a job i love with good benefits and great people. but it did not just fall into my lap.

as for the whole government worker=useless employee that just pisses me off. in EVERY job there are dogphuckers and if the organization is a large one they just seem to be more noticeable. i work for my pay as do my friends. i am not digging ditches, and i am finally off the technical support desk and out of a call center environment but i do my job well and i put every effort into making sure that all of my work is completed. the occasional slack day is always balanced out by several weeks of run-as-fast-as-you-can. call it a personal work ethic. yes i know, not everyone does. but the unknown strumpets making remarks were commenting on my conversation (point of reference).

as for DOs the company bargained with the union and decided that it was more productive to have everyone work a little longer for 9 out of 10 working days, and have the 10th day off. there is no freeloading there. the time is already worked. never mind that even though we generally get paid well above minimum wage, we also pay well above the minimum wage earners' taxes.

last year i shelled out over $16,000 in taxes/CPP/EI deductions. and still had to pay another $1500 in taxes. i have my own pension plan and will be lucky if there is are any appreciable funds left in the Canada pension fund in 25 years. the extended sick leave plan at my work place is MUCH better than EI sickleave. i will not ever be pregnant again. i will not quit my job voluntarily. i hope that i will not get fired, and if the layoffs start over 2000 other people need to be laid off before me (bumping rights & seniority).

i feel MUCH better now, thanks for listening :) even though the original line of what i was going to talk about has been completely hijacked - ah well there is always tomorrow.


i am the diva said...

every time i have an EDO my husband says: "Gawd... you and your're so lucky" and i have to remind him every TIME tha luck has nothing to do with it, that i've actually worked those hours.

but you're right - the attitude is "Government Slackers". i'm right there with ya sister.

also - "cowardly 18 year old paris hilton inspired cuntcarriers" makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Pocket.Buddha said...

i have no doubt that you work very hard. . . i am just upset that my useless minimum wage job doesn't offer me a day off every so often when i put in 16 hours a day for a month. . . but i am not there anymore so why am i still bitching?. . . so that i don't have to go back to writing my steinbeck paper.

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