September 14, 2007

finish what you start!

friday is here, finally. what a long week! work work work - but i was pretty damned productive even in my off hours. i managed to get "to done" most of what i could finish on my own from my "to do" list. you know those nagging little tasks that seem to fit so well into the "round tuit" category. sort the umpteen million tshirts that you haven't worn for 2 years and probably won't fit for another 2 years and give them away: done (i now have 2 empty shelves in the closet) finish deb's dress: done (she will be over to check the length tonight after work) sort & label the artsy craftsy stuff: done ( now i might be able to find what i am looking for) register for belly dancing class: done ( you got move it move it ) start the xmas list: in progress (it is only September, but I'm usually 3/4 done this by this date) go to the doctor and get some antibiotics for the incipient fall season bronchitis: done ( went tuesday & feeling much better now) get the photos i took for people resized, formatted and burned: done (with extra copies even) get all the interior plants moved inside before the frost: done (HAH! fie on you autumn) pick up cards and presents for September birthdays: done (that's actually a fun thing!) fix the computer: %$#@! - not done yet but not for lack of effort ( it appears it is format time) make arrangements to paint Murray's soon to be Deb's room: done (paint from Chris and Murray to do the labour) send out invitations for Darrell & Jill's last patio party: done (gotta love facebook) talk to the manchild to see what i can do to help with the move: done (will lend him my tower until he can get a new PC of his own - now THAT surprised him) make sure the daughter knows i love her: done call my dad: doing that tonight ( why do i always put that off? ) return the library books: doing today (i have to finish the last of them at lunchtime and they aren't even overdue yet) deal with the door with the missing panel: improvised ( switching office door for bedroom door and then when i can rub to fifties together get coloured glass cut to replace missing panel) catch up on my blog reading: twill be my evening enjoyment after supper

whew! what's really cool about all this is that i managed to read 3 books too.

and now the get rid of the round tuits list:
clean the self cleaning oven: this weekend (like that's hard - sheesh), make new steam caps for rads: next week (to muffle noise) paint the bisected living room wall and rad cover (have the paint just need to do the work) clean and organize the hall closet (on saturday's agenda before deck-a-dance) get the cat carrier from the sister: next thursday, do the seasonal change of wardrobe : 1st week of october ( it will be nice until then) lift a corner of the sawdust board in the kitchen to determine just exactly what kind of shape the 100 year old hardwood in the kitchen is in: by the end of september, fix my bedroom door knob: next week (need to get the hardware) oh YEAH! have a life!

so the weekend looks to be another busy one ~ Deb's birthday, Jaime & Curits engagement potluck, brunch with the family sunday and all the tasks already assigned. wish me luck :)


Abigail Road said...

Sorry I missed Deb's b-day bash....sounds like it was a blast!

Pocket.Buddha said...

sounds like i should stop bitching about everything i have to do as clearly, you are so much better at being productive!

see you at the party!

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