May 24, 2009

neighbour hoods

strangers with loose dog.
Daughter asks them to remove it from her yard, leash it.

Result - a punch in the face by a total stranger in her own freaking yard.

Police have caught the perp.

(perp. hahahahahah so that show about the police station from the 70s maybey with Barney in it)

May 23, 2009

3 weeks later

busy busy busy. I've even had a few 24=hours of no PC.

Ckeaned out my closet and took all the blankets etc for drycleaning

fertilized plants and put on watering schedule that I am attempting to maintain.

Care tuned up, 2 new tires and 3 days in Swan River with the cousins, my dotter and the grands - it was great.

Crazy at work but I am now sort of caught up.

Finished seth's dinosaur pics.

burned pics from Swan for everyone and out the last disk in the mail friday.

FINALLY submitted everything for my first passport.

Am still working on plans for kitchen reno but Rochelle is going to each me the tinwork and her dad knows a guy for the tin.

The wedding project is almost done. Underskirt needs last hem, and the tunic needs a body in it before I put it all together. Ahead of schedule. Then I can stuff together for camping.

May 03, 2009


and it was! Thank you oh hundred little gods for letting Ra come out to play! I basked for several hours and my solar cells seem to finally be replete. That does not however mean that I would not sincerely appreciate regular play dates.


like gravity,

I do so love it when I'm pity tripping.

Going to bed now and hopefully the new day will be better.

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