June 26, 2008


To some it may look like I'm slacking, I'm not. Quite simply situations so far beyond my control that I don't even know where the remote is, have required my attention, and I am peddling as fast as I can to get caught up. I take my word fairly seriously and I have now got 3 prromises at the very LEAST 2 days behind. As for the rest of it, I refuse to whine any more. Except about my foot, whose swelleduppedness is at least a little reduced today.

My most sincere apologies.

On the bright side, the relatives are graduated, the grands are pinataed, my camping gear is altogether (except for those pesky extra tent pegs and the insides to my campfire coffeepot).

So it's off to bear country and swimmin' in the lake this weekend with a crew of yahoos who will be up to shenanigans in no time - and I'll get to have a quick visit with some of the Manitoba cousins and say happy birthday to Uncle Wilbert too.

So I will do my 5 on the 27th early:

I can only hope that some day you will believe in yourself as steadily as I do. The tribulations you've been through have stomped you down and I'm sure there's yet a few other hurricanes to be weathered, BUT weather them you will. Inner freedom is so tantalizingly close, just grasp it and hang on.

Please realize that you almost died and that it frightened the rest of us as much as it frightened you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take better care of yourself. I am so proud that you graduated your grade 12, and I DO know how much work it is to go back to finish. I did it too.

I believe that you will make a fabulous dad. I know your drive to be a better parent will see you through, just remember to gentle it with patience and compassion.

May you travel as far as you want and take lots of pictures for your anti. Hopefully I'll make it to the Himalayas before you do. Viva l'ecole finiter!

You sir, are an A number one asshole. Self centered, abusive, and violent I almost wish I was big enough to thoroughly kick your ass. I cannot think of anyone else that drives me to anger faster, I have no idea how your mom does it.

June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

My lucky day, or at least the day when I come full circle once more. At least this time it only took 7 years ;) And at this very moment, it is not raining;)

June 11, 2008

A letter to the rain:

Dear infinite numbers of the earth's tears,

Fuck off till Friday would you?

Gettin' Mouldy

just about thursday .

Delayed gratification,that sweet slow burn of conflicted desire warring with the conscious knowledge that you do not have to wait.
How strong are you?
You are how strong?
How strong do you really want to be?
Frame of reference?

Are you sure?
I am.
Or am I?

I know ...

June 02, 2008

wow am I behind

no excuses.
I've been busy.
I do have 2 entries stored as drafts if that counts?
AND I missed the 5 on the 27th, which I will get caught up on this week! Can you imagine me trying to do 365 ... the only thing I do religiously everyday is wake up.

improvise & overcome

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my definition: an independent woman

dictionary definitions:

1. informal term for a (young) woman
2. an unsupervised umarried woman
3. a young woman or girl, esp. a peasant girl.
(usually facetious)
3. a woman servant
4. a wanton woman
5. Archaic: a strumpet
[Origin: 1250–1300; ME, back formation from wenchel, OE wencel child]

synonom :"dame"

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