October 29, 2009


took 4 days of the caloric countdown, drank my face off for the bday, even had a piece of cake. Got on the scale today - 3 pounds less than last Friday - let the hoopla begin. Running total now 34 pounds since mid August.

I still haven't heard from my travel agent about the jamaica me crazy problem yet ... heavy sigh.

October 25, 2009

in. techno.hell

and by my own volition no less, 1 flattened reinstalled updated loaded laptop down.
\now to do the new one - and then the netbook.

October 23, 2009

o happy day ... oh happy dayyyy

I had a little visit with my nemesis Mr. Scale today.
Last week he told me that I weighed exactly the same as I had the week before @ 1500 calories a day - that totally ramped me right up. I hadn't realized that the curse would be showing up 4 days later. Aha - retainage of fluid.
On Monday I was the same weight as the previous Monday that's 3 mondays in a row - WTF!!!
So today, 12 days later I finally see a real result.

I have lost 8 pounds since Oct 5th (18 days) YEE FREAKIN" HAH!!!!!So that's about 3 1/2 pounds a week and a total of 31 pounds since mid August.

I have 85 days to go on my count down at this rate I might even lose another 40 pounds by the time I leave for Jamaica. Maybe I'll be able to stop going on and on and on about hard it is. Maybe not.

That would be soooo fiiine.

I am taking My birthday off and eating and drinking whatever I want because I have survived 48 years, 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 2 divorces, 2 sisters and their crews, 2 stepsiblings and their crews, too many funerals and a couple of dozen adopted homely crew and miscellaneous dysfunctional framily members (just like me).


October 22, 2009

open to disaster

I ate 5 - yes 5 yummy sugary apple strudel pastries (almost wrote pasties) yesterday.

I went to Safeway, bought yogurt, milk, reduced sugar oatmel, walked right past the baked goods, and bought a roasted chicken for supper. GOOD GOOD GOOD.

And by 6:30 pm I was in my car on my way back to Safeway drooling in anticipation.

Calories up, blood sugar up, blood pressure down, cravings gone

Lose - Win?

Note : even with the freaking strudels I still ate 800 calories less than I need to maintain my body weight.

October 21, 2009

my mortar is crumbling ...

I built a 20 foot wall all around me 10 feet thick with He best redfired brick and mortar that i could to keep myself away from the dreaded caloric bliss. in the middle of my fifth week I find that there are crumbling edges and little teeny tiny tastebud holes driven through the mortar. The brick withstands all - solid and real -it is my need to be healthy, my desire for knees that don't ache, and back that no longer throbs from the frontage mass.

But the mortar is weak, a conglomerate of struggling willpower, wanting to want to be healthy enough to give up all those delicacies that I enjoy, that lovely pair of size 18 jeans with the rhinestones on the back pockets and an underwire uplift rack for the girls.

The poutine is calling.

I had gravy and smashed tatoes on thanksgiving and left overs the next day. But even the 2nd day I stayed within my limits. I've cut of the liquid grain intake and unfortunately a fair chunk of my social life in the process because I never was good at moderation. I can do it, but I'm starting to not want to and temptation is so much more tempting at this point.

Today I had a hot turkey sandwich on brown (yech) with just a soupcon of gravy and one small ice cream scoop of smashed tatoes - maybe 450 calories - well within limits - but I wanted MORE!!! so I had salad.

I think the worst part about this is that I'm a rather all or nothing kind of girl - very zen. And I'm starting to resent my own goals that I set myself - which makes me WEAK. and then I get angry at myself and don't those chocolate chip cookies look so very tasssty. Where did those stupid raisins go....

October 20, 2009

new toys new toys new toys

life is good.
Canon is wonderful
and I now have enough back up volume.

October 16, 2009

it's friday

and I'm on a DO. Think I'll mosey on down to futureshop and get a quote for the new toys. Buying a smaller camera for my trip and a netbook - and we'll see what else ;)

The knees seem to be getting slooowly better but that is most likely with every pound I drop - though it's only been 8 or 9 pounds in almost 4 weeks. I am already impatient - it should be more...

Anyway, think I'm going to have to cancel the twinrex vaccination today - I'm a little sniffly and with the amount of sickness going around at the office I don't think I'll push that particular envelope especially since I have no sick days left until the end of December.

I am already starting to put things in my shiny new suitcases. Which reminds me, I need to find new watershoes. Oh yes, and a - get this - 2 piece bathing suit. OMG! for tanning only ;)

Hmmmm, maybe I'll go for a tan too, a delusional 10 minutes in the sun.

It's a lazy weekend, which after the last one is a very good thing.

October 14, 2009

the laundry's done, the laundry's done....

well almost.

5 loads on Monday - thanks to Devi the 9 yr old granddaughter making it go faster. I don't actually mind doing laundry but my knees are pretty pissed at the number of stairs required to get it done. So I sloughed last weeks and had 2 weeks worh to do.

Still have a load of blankets and towels - but that'll get done tonight.

It is supposed to be back in the double digits again this weekend YAY!

Me, the hallowe'en is my favorite holiday EVER - has no idea what she will be and there's only 2weeks and 3 days to go.

October 07, 2009

the 1st hump day of October...

First real snow of the season - right on time - a few weeks before my birthday but after I winterized dakar. Hmmm, I guess I should be gettin' on the replace the front tires bandwagon shortly.

My laundry still isn't done.

My knees hurt more in the last two weeks than they have all freaking year, maybe it's the weather change, or the new shoes. I've lost weight so it's not that - or at least not more than before.

Stupid fkn doctor. The script is supposed to be 2 tabs a day for month, 6 refills. What does she write you ask? 6 tabs, 6 refills. So now I have to go and waste another 2 hours of my precious time with all the sick people at the doctor's office to get a new script written AND pay ANOTHER dispensing fee - when it is HER fault.

I know - I've called the pharmacy who said to call the doctor and I've called the clinic who tried to tell me to call the pharmacy ... not having that ... I've left a message for the doctor, I spoke with the NURSE and the receptionist yesterday to get it fixed and have them fax a new script. Did they? Of course not, why would they do that. Glad my life didn't depend on it. INCOMPETENCE - bah!

On my way home from the bookstore today I did not stop at any of the 10 fast food/sugar shacks. I almost did but I managed to resist. Note to self, take Broad St not Albert when going North.

October 06, 2009

Dear weatherman:

You are already hiding the sun early and letting it out to play later, so do you think you could let up on the cold water for a bit? This is the flatlands not the freakin' coast.

103 days ....

October 01, 2009


Am I not dilapidated enough that the powers that be see fit to have me wake up with a monster headache - stuffed right up -sore throat etc, when I only have 1 sick day left for the rest of the year?

whine whine bitch ......

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