October 07, 2009

the 1st hump day of October...

First real snow of the season - right on time - a few weeks before my birthday but after I winterized dakar. Hmmm, I guess I should be gettin' on the replace the front tires bandwagon shortly.

My laundry still isn't done.

My knees hurt more in the last two weeks than they have all freaking year, maybe it's the weather change, or the new shoes. I've lost weight so it's not that - or at least not more than before.

Stupid fkn doctor. The script is supposed to be 2 tabs a day for month, 6 refills. What does she write you ask? 6 tabs, 6 refills. So now I have to go and waste another 2 hours of my precious time with all the sick people at the doctor's office to get a new script written AND pay ANOTHER dispensing fee - when it is HER fault.

I know - I've called the pharmacy who said to call the doctor and I've called the clinic who tried to tell me to call the pharmacy ... not having that ... I've left a message for the doctor, I spoke with the NURSE and the receptionist yesterday to get it fixed and have them fax a new script. Did they? Of course not, why would they do that. Glad my life didn't depend on it. INCOMPETENCE - bah!

On my way home from the bookstore today I did not stop at any of the 10 fast food/sugar shacks. I almost did but I managed to resist. Note to self, take Broad St not Albert when going North.

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