October 01, 2009


Am I not dilapidated enough that the powers that be see fit to have me wake up with a monster headache - stuffed right up -sore throat etc, when I only have 1 sick day left for the rest of the year?

whine whine bitch ......


Anonymous said...

you still in 2121? it's the carpet cleaner, combined with the closed air system.


dk said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - nope - and that's what I told them years ago ;) Now I can't walk by a drycleaners without my breath catching in my throat. same chemicals.

Anonymous said...

but it's not the carpet cleaners. lol. i knew every time they'd cleaned the carpets cause i'd get this taste/smell like a sick room and me and whole bunch of other ppl would all get sick the next day.


ps) nice i get comment without making, yet omg another, account

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