September 25, 2009

113 days

First let me thank all the 100 little gods for the beautiful 29 & 30 degree weather this week - most excellente`!

Second congrats to Dad & Viv who are now officially retired after 30 years together. You should see Viv's new wheels - a big red Jeep, and dad likes it too.

And my son has a new girlfriend, first in a long time, and she was already one of my friends - so we are all happy;) She's lovely inside and out and does dishes when he cooks. Everybody wins. Oh yeah AND yesterday when they popped by to see me at work she brought me a bottle of my favorite Hempz moisturizer. MMMMMMM I smell goodly.

I got to celebrate Guinness' 250th birthday with some of my favorite ladies - the others were elsewhere and I missed them, and my biggest younger brother Kory. Along with a whole other crowd of friends. I'm cross contaminating circles of friends these days and so far it's working out.

Knock wood, I have finally caught up at work and the busiest season craziness has died down a tad. (see me doing the little happy dance) and I am back to thoroughly enjoying my worklife once again. Except for the day after the fire drill - where I had to go down 12 flights of stairs at double my normal pace - so today my knee and my ankle are just a tad pissed off.

I had a meeting with my nemesis yesterday as well and lo and freakin' behold I have now lost 26 pounds in 7 weeks. I'm bitter and angry and whining about wanting at food but I put myself in this place so I can just suck it up and get myself the hell out.

To those of you to whom I have been growly and irascible, my most sincere and humble apologies.

And lastly - only 113 days and it's off to the island bra. Starting on the beachwear this weekend.

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Schmutzie said...

That's a lot of good news!

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