September 02, 2009


There have been crinkled dead yellow leaves on my car every morning for the last 2 weeks. Yesterday the temperature went up to 30 degrees celcius. The kids are all back in school and the new university semester starts next week. It's supposed to go up to 28 degrees today and the forecast has similar temps up to at least Saturday.


Understand - I am NOT, I repeat NOT complaining about the beautiful weather this week. But where was this weather IN THE ACTUAL SUMMERTIME?

Ah well whine and cheese time....

My best friend Deb finished her PHD dissertation and got it all sent off to McGill and peasants rejoiced. Now for the defence some time this fall and she'll be Doctor D. Hanging with her through the master's and doctorate has however influenced my decision to attempt my master's when I retire, but there is no freaking way I'm going to Pile it Higher and Deeper. Big shout to Christina of in Montreal who managed through all that life could throw at her to get her thesis delivered before the deadline as well.

THe grands are back in school and devi has a nice but strict teacher - all good for miss tea-granny-bossy-pants, and Seth's teacher this year appears to be quite on the ball and is using online agendas, completely removing the parentals' trial and tribulations from 8 year old boys tendencies to "forget" to bring it home or for that matter - outright hide the damn thing when they've been "outspoken" or "unbiddable" on any given day;)

THe manchild is rockin' 3 jobs - maybe more - and he and dreadlilocks are welcoming a new housemate this week. A little estrogen may make some environmental changes - you never know.

Dad & Viv have finalized the sale of the trailer park and between the chaos of trying to clean sweep themselves of 27 years of accumulated auctions, estate sales, and garage saling they are searching for a new abode - hopefully in town - but dad wants a bit of land to drive his gator around and a double car garage on while Viv wants a bungalow - 3 bedrooms and 2 baths preferable with a solarium and laundry. Took a look at a place out at Pense last week but I think it was a no go.

My seester Liza & BIL Brian will have their 20th anniversary this weekend - CONGRATS. You sure got lucky there Liza. And then Ashley - last in this crop of nephews and neices will turn 19 on the 18th.... time flies

Me. I am still nursing the tibia fracture from my fall 6 weeks ago - it's getting better but it's sure taking it's own sweet time.

hugs to y'all

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