July 27, 2008

deep thinkin' day

words from the dalai ...

" Mothers in society are the first lamas, or gurus, of compassion; our spiritual lamas come later in life. Our mothers teach us the power and value of compassion right from our birth."

and lest not forget that there are many women who do not have children of their own but are just as compassionate.

I have decided not to do the 5 on the 27th any longer.

July 24, 2008

July 16, 2008

the vaguaries of vanity

I love music. I used to play several instruments. Piano (still can) drums, blues bass (left handed) 1 song on the sax, and a tune on an oboe. it's been a few decades but camping made my fingers itch for a guitar.

Fancy that, I'm at my niece Autumn's birthday party and I ntice this guitar case covered in dust ... it's my neice Ashley's, and she doesn't play it anymore - never quite got into it, but she's a slammin drummer. Autums has one too. And my brother-in-law Brian is going hard on his.

Autumn lent me hers last Thursday. Hah! what a fiasco... you would have howled to see me. It's right handed and feels all backasswards. I tried turning it upside down - no go. So I settled into relearning how to play the guitar - with no pick, but I have great nails so it wasn't too awful for a rank amateur like myself. Half an hour and my fingers were killing me. I'm weak! and my nails were chipped in 2 small spots. I might have to trim my beautiful long pink nails. One of the few characteristics that I really like about my physical self. Well, maybe not - it's just the guitar.

Friday was a wash for practice - 20 minutes maybe but then Kev gave me a pick, now I was in business. G chord strum strum strum - how do I do that, which strings should I be strumming ... thank the hundred little gods for the internets. Found a How To site, with finger charts AND AV of what I should be doing - much better. Tried 5 chairs till I found one the right height, well almost. D chord strum strum strum - don't strum the 1 string - I know it has a key ... damn my nails are in the way of holding down the chords ... bend the knuckles more, can't reach the next fret for the B chord.... damn ... it's going to look really stupid with one hand of short fingernails and one long ...

Tonight I managed D G C A and I can't do F - out come the clippers and off go the nails on the left hand. Much better, I even managed a few transitions this time without the twanging caused by a too long nail in the middle.

But I love my long nails. Oh well, sport length it is. Then I realized that though I may not have to trim the right hand as short - I can hardly leavw the long Barbie nails on one hand and have Ken nails on the other ... clip clip clip - oh the TRAUMA!

but I play better. I think I'll put more shiny things n my toenails ;)

July 15, 2008

the ides of summer ...

The sky was cerulean blue on my way to work this morning step step limp.
By noon the clouds began to creep up on the horizon like the negative rumbles gathering behind my tongue.
Overcast reigns midafternoon of the ides of summer, half spent and half yet to discover.

Birthdays and birth days, engagements and weddings, graduations and vacations, and getting around to those little tasks that need to be done.
Fix that thrice bedamned dripdripdrip of the kitchen faucette and replace the elbow joint in the biffy, maybe see what the hardwood is REALLY like under that hardboard.

And last of all self revalation: note to self, do not drink white wine on the deck!
Sheesh, you'd have thought I had already figured that one out.

July 02, 2008

Leter to Vericose:

Leave my veins alone you bastard!


July 01, 2008

july long

camping at madge - superb
seeing the swan clan - extraordinary
almost being nick sheloff'd - priceless

got home burnt but happy to find I am a great aunt to Hailey Brook Nordquist and she's beautiful!

improvise & overcome

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