September 12, 2007

being good part 2

okay so i got lost in my little rant last time so now i will make a studied effort at remaining focused on my subject. being good. this all started with "i had a long weekend" which just happens to include a thursday (ladies night), friday (fraturday on the patio) and saturday (also usually a fraturday and spent either on the patio or at some other thirst quenching venue) and of course sunday which is usually family day at the daughter's but has been known to end with trivia night at the pub. being good means staying away from all the places in which i have SO much fun and ingest all kinds of things that are bad for me (too many cigarettes, guinness and take out).

finding the middle way has always been an issue for me because i am an all or nothing sort. i have spent at least the last 15 years trying to stay the path, and inevitably i stray. well stray probably is not the right word. how about jump off with abandon. or abandon the path with relish i as i anticipate long sultry autumnal evenings of laughter and general debauchery. or i might convince myself that 10 guinness is the middle of the pub path (i'm a very good debater especially when i know the weaknesses of my opponent).

so now you have an idea how hard it is for me to be (oh look there's a shiny thing) good.

Thursday night i stayed home and for 9 hours attempted to wrestle this lovely trojan downloader worm off of my laptop. i did manager to remove over 300 instances of the virus or downloaded spam programs it had invited in but i cannot find in all the registry the actual key to get rid of the worm. no i did not download this virus. mostly it just launches IE broweser windows randomly when i least need it to. yeah yeah serves me right for running micro$uck$. i will just keep flogging it till i win or give up and flatten the machine. HAH - i have back ups of all my stuff, i just don't want to waste all that time reinstalling everything.

Friday i continued the clean sweeping of the office and started on the kitchen, laundry and the living room plus a trip to the Safeway to replenish the food stocks. after 2 hours of frantically looking for a replacement dinner partner (my friend Lu was supposed to come but ended up visiting emaergency with poor Nicki for interminable hours) my sister Liza and I headed out to the grand opening for Aspens - the Emerald Park Golf & Country Club, where my son is a sous chef. tasty tasty tasty and i won a mini Mike's Hard Lemonade miniature fridge to boot. prime rib, yorkshire, aparagus, several salads and appies, salmon ... and desserts to die for especially the triple chocolate torte.
thsnk you son for the tickets it was great to go out with just the sister. then it was another 3 or 4 hours of virus wrestling.

Saturday dawned bright and shiny and CRISP. the deck plants need to come in. where will i put them? then began a string of tasks that eventually allowed me to get the plants inside in the appropriate places, the extra long spider babies repotted, and the living room plants and rad covers rearranged. then it was attack the kitchen. clean & clear the fridge. pull appliances out and clean, attempt to scrub some crud off the walls, clean out all the drawers and shelves and throw away no less than 4 garbage bags of stuff that i had saved for some future use and reorganize what was left as well as packing boxes of kitchen stuff for the boy's upcoming move... then it was off to the grandkids for a sleepover.

i got home noonish sunday and immediately crashed until 3:30. got up and went to the store, made something to eat and went back to napland till around 8pm. up to read for awhile, a few hours on the phone, shampoo and shower and man i could not believe how tired i was ... and i was back to sleep.

that is a weekend of my being good. as a side note i found out yesterday (i've been hacking since Sunday) that i have a lovely case of bronchitis for which i am now on antibiotics. this also explains why i was so tired.

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