September 18, 2007

catch up

busy busy - everything went well till sunday morning. which sucked. long story, suffice it to say that there is a certain person who has let himself in for a freakin' whack of bad karma - though it was not related directly to me.

note: do not piss off a mom.

1st belly dancing class monday night. amazing - had so much fun, though i did scare myself when we started shimmying - there were parts of me moving that i didn't even know were there! quite hilarious with such a wide assortment of women. there are a couple of girls 16 or 17 right up to a grandma of 68. so when we started doing chest thrusts and hip circles the resultant movements were not exactly synchronized. oh, and lordy the arm circles almost set me on a flight path - there's enough chicken wing on me to graduate to a great eagle. YUCK! but that is one of the points, or blobs of taking the class. i did last the whole class and for such slow movements it's quite the workout on concentrated muscle isolations and you work up a good heat. i was exultant that this morning did not begin with my imitation of "the crooked little man with a crooked little house". my knee was kind of twitchy but not really any worse than normal. let us all pray to the hundred little gods that this works to shove me off the plateau i've been stuck on for a few months. i absolutely detest being obese. (lovely word - the doctor tells me it means weighing over 200 pounds - thanks doc, i think i prefer hefty)

then of course there was the power outage last night. i woke up at 3 am to spooky black darkness and could not for the life of me figure out why if the power was out did i keep hearing this beep beep beep beep beep, silence ..... and again .... and again . i grabbed my handy dandy kinetic flashlight and started searching - after 15 minutes i realized it was the alarm on my UPS (pc back up power supply). so i had a smoke and went back to bed sure that i would as usual wake up sometime between 6:30 and 7.

HAH! not after having a completely restless sleep from the damn power supply warning every 15 minutes - and you don't really want to turn it off now do you? needless to say i woke up with my alarm clock reading 12:47 and it was about 7:45. i did make it to work by 8:15, but I've been dragging my ass all day.

Letter to the American Power tower that got blown over:

I just wanted to thank you for my uninterrupted sleep last night. it was so restfule. i am jubliant that even though we supply your country with power at criminally cheap rates, damages to your own power grid result in interruptions in ours. Thank you oh brilliant canadians in charge of signing the Free Trade Act. this is really helpful.

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Abigail Road said...

I would love to take belly-dancing!

I didn't get the power outage out at the group home. Which is weird, because the power is ALWAYS going out there, for no particular reason.

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