April 06, 2008

the sunday serenade

A frenetic and freeloading fraturday followed by a down to home weekend with visits from the girls and the grands. Confirmations on plans for Pavlo next weekend, so looking forward to it (flamenco guitar and cock6tails with the ladies).

Lots of walking completed, over 2.5 Km Thursday when I accidentally reset the counter. Did about 16 blocks on Friday. Saturday was about 26 AND several flights of slow stairs. Sunday I just toured the block a couple of times, though I had been keeping up with Devi for a while by then. I know it doesn't sound like much but after a few weeks of 0 Km ...

Devi woke up this morning not feeling well, a little pukey and develpoed a low fever before her parents picked her up. By about 2 I started to feel a tad peaked so I went and laid down for a "nap". I woke at 6:30 to the phone, which promptly hung up once I reached it. A little chicken soup, a hot shower, finish the mail and it's back to bed for me. I would way rather avoid this crap if I can.

Talk to ya'll in a few days.

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