April 12, 2008

whiny day

I missed 2 days at work, on my FIRST fulltime week back after surgery.
I don't get to see the grands because I might be catching.
I missed going to a show with the girls Wed. nite
I missed dinner out last nite.
I will be missing Nick's bday party tonight at this rate.
I might even have to miss church tomorrow (the choir does not appreciate being continually interupted and it's nigh impossible to be singin')

It began when it started to rain Wed nite. Sinus release until thurs am with HUGE freaking headache. And the coughing ... by the hundred little gods ... till I vomit! Worst when I first get up. No particular chest congestion that I can tell. Allergy medication does nothing, nor does ventilin or the crap the doc gave me to replace the prednezone when I had pneumonia. Hot liquids seem to ease it for a bit, but not for long. Cough medicines do nothing - yet there it still is the tickle in the back of the throat and a dry cough kind of like when I walk by the dry cleaners (huge allergy to their chemicals). constantly. aarrrggghhhhhhhh!

At least today I don't feel quite so exhausted.

I am SO fucking tired of being sick, I eat healthy, I've been exercizing more, I take my vitamins, I avoid sick people when at all possible ... WTF!!!!

rant yell kick scream cough pound head on wall cough cry wail bemoan cough snivel vent whine cough ....


Abigail Road said...

Oh, that sucks. I've been feeling a bit under the weather, but I have a feeling that the germs are waiting until next week, when I'm on a train, trying to enjoy my holiday. They're jerks like that.

Get well soon!

dk said...

No kidding. I'm glad I decided not to waste the Pavlo tickets and got a chance to give Nick his card - but that's it for me, I'm a doner. Take care of you sweets.

Abigail Road said...

I was actually happy that the birthday boy was sick, because then no one had to feel bad about leaving early.

Schmutzie said...

This cold is a doozy. I've been at it for six days now. Best of luck with it!

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