August 19, 2009

meh blech

I'm so tired of being me that I just don't even want to fuckin' bother. where'd my passion for life go? I don't care about getting the kitchen done - big D. the Jaymay trip could get cancelled - whatever... Haven't seen my friends for awhile. could give maybe half a damn about the grey hair and whiskers.

WTF is that about?


Schmutzie said...

Weather suckage? Hormones? Just because?

If it helps at all, I miss you, hon.

JO said...

It's the crappy weather. we deserve at least 2 months of glorious sunshine to get us thru the winter. mother nature is the one with the hormonal problem.

dk said...

hahahahaha - nope not hormones. they've been fair stable most of my life (knock wood). Might actually be the weather - I am a sunshine girl and I do ge tthe winter blues. Perhaps I shall go and spend 15 minutes in a tanning bed - that always makes me feel better from the inside out.

This is why blogs work. Thanks for reminding me ladies ;)

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