December 08, 2009

Torpid Tuesday

Apparently laundry was too much for the injured limb and I over extended it yesterday resulting in a completely locked up hip knee stiffness that said nay nay to carrying me or doing the stairs.

On the light er side - do you think I should use this for my xmas card this year ;)


Abigail Road said...

Hope you get better soon! If you need anything let me know.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the infamous DK, or wench, as you would try to convince us to believe! I suspected that someday I'd find you writing out here. I thought the call of the unspent pixels and limitless pools of digital ink would call to you. And up to your usual style and grace no less! I can just imagine the long curly locks tossing furiously about as you attempt to put your heart into your fingertips, as you tap out your life for that day in digital ink for us to view. The parts you let us view, of course. And if the locks are still so long and curly too, I know not for sure, it's been an eon plus a day since we last had conversations.
The blog is most informative, thank you m'dear, and so intensely "DK"-ish too, of course. So, I thought I would post to wish you well, in health and in your Jamaican endeavors.
As to who posted this bit, ah, how sad, to be so soon forgotten. But 2 clues for the lady, to see what memories come to her. Not through others who would know for sure, but just through her own memories, good or bad as they may be. Be fair Lady DK, in this test of your thoughts of many lifetimes ago, for both so it would seem.
Long nights, a few at least, spent on the phone, a few hours at a time. But what, not enough of a clue, of course not, not for the social butterfly of the H-D graveyard crew. But, one last clue that should pin it down for you, if you were really concerned that eve long ago. The lighter was not truly pink, it was red, but you had on glasses with a different method of tinting that night. Now, the name, it's not important, and should never be published, but the memories, although limited by time and circumstances, those are what I wonder if the Lady remembers.
And if you do remember, send me a sign in some manner, and perchance we might partake of a glass of something nice and catch up on all the years it has been since we last encountered.
Take care Lady DK, I will be reading you intently from now on, as much as I dare to. I have just wandered through your November musings and will start on December after a short break for sustenance and then some sleep, by December 10th to be sure.

dk said...

HAnonymous, how do you feel about cats?

Anonymous said...

Lady DK, I enjoy cats, why do you ask?

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