December 03, 2009

december the threeth

Happy birthday Vi (my first ex mother in law) I hope you have a wonderific day.

I am still wondering about being the eldest living woman on my dad's side of the family at 48.

Why is it that when I close my eyes I feel like I did when I was 28 but when I look in the mirror I can't figure out who the fuck is she?

We have misplaced my seeester Patty - anybody seen her? If you do tell her to phone her father.

I have finally delved my way through the mountains of paper on my desk and with prodigious effort have reduced it to a mole hill. Knock wood. A really big stack = like half a cord or so. Hopefully I can keep it there. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow or Saturday it will be back to Brown Sugar to renew the quickly fading glory of my summer tan so that I don't look like a Newfoundlander lobster after my first day in the islands. Ahhhh sun and hydration in the depths of winter, I think I will have to experience it to really really believe it. And Anarchy will be just a skip across the ocean in Cuba when I;m there.

I'm almost done the christmas shopping except for those gifts that I want to pick up in Jamaica. I think there are only 3 left on the list.

I have pretty much given up on christmas baking but my dotter she's a damn fine cook, so we're off to the ingredient store tomorrow and soon her house will be filled with such aromas you'll be drooling before you get three steps in the door. And she makes me these teensy little butter tarts so I may still enjoy a soupcon of one of my favorite flavours.

And Deb my flat mate is off to Montreal this weekend to prepare for her PhD defense on Wednesday. She is such a masterful speaker, eloquent and precise - she'll knock them dead. I believe!

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Abigail Road said...

With the weather being this fucking cold, I am getting more excited for Cuba by the minute...

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