December 28, 2009

one down

What a busy day today. Pretty productive for a day off but it was so gorgeous I had to be outside snow or no snow.

Up early, picked up Nola and went to Brown Sugar for the rays. Did a little retail therapy and found my solution for a travel purse. It's an Ameribag - baby version with lots of interior net pockets for both my cameraa, spare batteries, chargers, netbook, go drive etc. along with all the normal stuff I keep in my purse and a passport pocket. Ergonomic, solid zippers and bright bright red ;) to match the luggage. Picked up some nice big yellow sunshine luggage tags as well - they are wearing raybans.

Then it was on to the Tire to get what Kory tells me is a beach essential - the BUBBA Keg mug. It's stainless, 52 oz, thermal, sealable, it floats and has it's own red stripe bottle opener on the bottom. Done.

Scrumptious lunch with Miss PJ at Ricky;s - good food and great service. YAY!

Watched a movie with Deb, turkey leftovers for supper, and then finished sewing my linen outfit. Natural loose weave linen with fringes on the skirt and top - smashing.

Tomorrow start another of the sewing projects to be done by Saturday.

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