December 12, 2009

hands in pockets

can I ... did you know ... math games...gourmet eggnog ...why ... after supper can we ... do I HAVE TO WEAR MY JACKET... science ...can I make the salad ... why do they call it a butcher... which grocery store .. for christmas I want .. is deb home ... is she your doctor now... constellations and black holes ... skating ... smartest in billboards ... can we have ... triceratops steak ... propane safety ... refrigerated food dating ... netbook usage ...super farkle ... why peanut butter has no butter in the ingredients list ... sticky snow ... how can you get tv on a computer ... can I take out the garbage ... soft pillows ... telescope lenses as big as a car ... reading handwriting - 2 quarters=half-two halves=1, one pkg butter = 2 cups ... how to get warm water from a 2 tap sink ... can we go to the deck and see Smiling Joe ... email ... cookies ... plan breakfast menu ... do we get to do laundry ... red peppers are good for you ... stickers for 2 weeks ... matching dishes ... can I vacuum ... chess ... water dispensers ... the noises radiators make ... how to hang a jacket on a chair back ... avoid asking people to do things while THEY are in the bathroom. Questions, answers and puzzles never ending.

Touch the door, window, purse, glove box, kleenex, shelves, cans, bread, bananas, shelves, boxes, cans, cart, hands in pockets , my hand, cart, milk, magazine, cashier chain, gum, batteries, door, cart, keys, cans ... the fingers graze every surface he nears without any thought involved ;)

Heh heh heh - he makes me tired but i love it.

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