December 09, 2009

a curious challenge ;)

I am a project in evolution, and though fairly sedentary I'm also perpetually in motion. I have less than a dozen relationships that lasted over a decade, not including family or work, and if I'm still hanging around it's because I love you and you symbolize a question/quality/virtue/talent/skill that I have asked/want/strive for/intrigues me/want to develop.

It's that magical connection that ignites heartsong for 5 minutes or 50 years - it's there or it isn't. I have a big heart and there are alot of strings tugging on it. All by choice ;)

That said, there are also many individuals who have crossed my slightly kooky tangential path through this life, that I didn't get to know well enough, fast enough, who piqued my curiosity and motivated me to seek them out, but the adventure was somehow interrupted and I lost the thread.

Shiny things distract me - physically and psychically.

So here is a comment from an "anonymous" source from my past and I can hear the rhythm of the voice, the phraseology, and cannot coax that visual picture to come clear. And the clues left, hmmm. I haven't worked graveyards since the HD and that was before the condo so 2001/2002 or earlier, and my hair was pretty long then. I cut it really short in spring 2007, kept it short for a year and now it's back to long and curly. See, distracted.

As for tinted glasses - I have over 30 pairs of shades, reading glasses, etc tinted or otherwise so that's not very helpful, and I spend hours on the phone which is why I'm not surprised at where I work - it was kismet.

Lady, hmmm - there's only a handful of people that call me lady and use m'dear as a part of their regular vocabulary, and require that kind of privacy...

However, the pink/red lighter thing. There's a click/spark there. Damn ... out on the mists of the memory bog and the sometimer's monster just swept it away again.

So anonymous - you have captured my attention and I'm digging through the mire of a well abused mind.

Give a girl a break.

PS - my home number is the same.


Abigail Road said...

I can't handle "anonymous". They always drive me batty.

dk said...

Me too and I'm fairly sure they know that;)

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