December 14, 2009

far and away ...

Well arrggghhh!

And my my my - my internal rose coloured glasses don't get worn much any more though you can be sure I'll be taking them to Jamaica with me;) I found out yesterday that I'm allowed to take a single butane lighter with me which is all well and good because I am still terrible with matches.

Isn't it amazing that the lives we touch so long ago are still hearing tidbits even the the years have intervened? The crews I hang with on a regular basis these days are substantially different then when I was frantically recapturing my lost youth right after the 2nd divorce. I've been over that for quite some time now, and have decided to remain forever 8 years old with all the wonder in the world that entails.

Round tables. Hmmmm I have a penchant for round tables, You can see everyone you're with and I love watching the expressions dance across peoples faces as they recount one tale or another. Now where the round tables, Brewster's North, the Barley Mill, Sevens but that's not waaaay North and maybe BPs. That's alot of ground to cover. My spidey sense says maybe Brewster's.

I still believe that money is a useful tool, a means to an end but not the goal. I bought the condo because the apartment I was living in downtown in'03 was being condoized for some utterly outrageous amount of money, condo fees and taxes. I was looking for another downtown apartment with some history and couldn't find one, so I started looking at something to purchase not really sure I wanted to yet. And lo and behold, you get what you need. My condo is in a a heritage building - old world 1914 with 10 foot ceilings, maple hardwood and transom windows over the doors. 12 inch oak base boards and woodwork everywhere - big deep windows for plants a block and a half to Victoria Park or Wascana. I got it for a song compared to prices these days and it has an comfortable lived in fell. Gracious not pretentious. Warm welcoming yellows and ambers, the kitchen is fire engine red and the office a cool sage.

As for Lady dk - you;d be surprised how many people actually call me that. I'm not sure what triggers it - it seems to occur naturally somehow.

So dear anonymous, with the memory stirring I would appreciate it if you would drop me a note and put me out of my misery. The chase is fun but I have too much living to do and would way rather have a conversation ;)

My email address is in the left corner of the blog by my logo. I'll leave it up for a week.


Anonymous said...

And a fine arrggghhh back to you Lady DK.

Not wearing them much anymore, that is interesting. I would have sworn that they were you favorites and would be worn until the day that you no longer needed them, or any other earthly things anymore. Very interesting indeed!

And yes, the tidbits continue to march on, as if they knew that I was waiting for them, wondering when the next one of them would spring upon me. But, they couldn't know that I was wondering, for they came from places that ordinarily would not know that I had even met you those many eons ago.

The crews, I agree, they would not all be the same, most would have changed, evolved, disintegrated or just be lost in time itself. But there are some that would linger, changing in form somewhat, but remaining easy to identify. And it is precisely those that I speak of, and the new parts that have gravitated to them over the years. You will understand when we speak more in private, of that I am sure.

Speaking to your spidey sense, I would suggest that it be left to Peter Parker. You are not doing it justice Lady DK, in all of your attempts at a guess, you were wrong on all of them, so sorry m'lady. But maybe that was partly my fault, I did not mean to infer that it was wayyyy northwest, but more of far northwest, but more north than west. And the "more" is very subjective, to be sure.

And as for money, I am relieved that you haven't changed in that sense. I always admired your outlook on it. I do feel a bit sad for you, losing your home like that though. But it sounds like you have made a new home out of what you purchased and I'm sure it is as warm and comfortable as the last place was. That is one of your strengths or talents, to make a house into a home Lady DK, and you seem to do it so very well.

Your moniker, your "handle" as it were, no that does not surprise me in the least. It is suiting, it fits, you wear it well and it seems to flow naturally when used in reference to you.

Now lastly, ok m'dear, you will have your request granted. You can remove your address now, I have taken it down and committed it to memory as well. So that if something gets tossed out, at least I will still have the piece of paper! I will try to send off a note as soon as it is possible, but at best it will be about 4 days from today. That is the first time I have any free time scheduled for myself at all.

dk said...

I will await your email ;)


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