November 29, 2009

instead of grey cupping

This weekend I finished my laundry and cleaned my room - two irritants too long on the to do list. Then I was gult free and visited friends, had pints with the ladies, gathered up some familial hugs and spread them around the to the Eagles, then put the groove in gear and went booty shakin' at selam. I found out I'd gained 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks BAH! But tried on the too small froo froo skirt I bought in September and it fit. It didn't even make that sqwerky noise that thread makes when you stretch it too far. I still need to lose another 10-20 pounds so I FEEL better about wearing a totally age inappropriate piece of fluff, but into the suitcase it went, along with the other summer stuff I was going to store anyway - and makin' the list of what I still need as I went.

The snow on Saturday slowed me down - or rather the idiot drivers did. Lovely teatime with PJ, a stop at the butcher's for a Tbone, and the corner store for smokes and it was homeward bound. After a tasty snack I laid down for a short winter's nap and had slept the whole evening away - 11:30 I woke up. Missed a supper out and two karaoke dates but i THINK MY FRIENDS WILL FORGIVE ME. C'est la vie.

Sunday dawned early and crisp but not really cold with the worst of the idiot drivers at the autobody shops from yesterday, so I ventured out the airport to meet BRAD & BRENDA'S flight from BRAZIL with the rest of the crazy crew! Man they look so relieved to be home - it totally made my day. Then it was off to the dotter's for coffee and read the flyers then Seth And I decided to attempt the wallymart once again since my list had grown since the packing began. He had mickeyDs for lunch and was a wonderful help reading the labels that my missing glasses were required for. Found another swim suit, beach cover and water shoes. Then over to the boy's for coffee with him an la Nola and not-dreadlilocks, and the ever important hugs from angus bodhi cat (achoooo)!

And to top off the day Mikey hands me a cheque from mein pappa for %500 smackaroonies to spend on what I want. Wow. That`ll be a bottle of my Givenchy when it comes in and the other $400 are goin`to Jamaica! THANK YOU DADDY!

Now I`m goin`to bbq up that Tbone and bake a tatoe and find something besides football to watch. crackbook will keep me updated on that score I`m sure.

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