November 02, 2009

what to do?

... so the person sharing accommodations with me, who shall remain nameless, for my Jamaica trip in January changed their mind and decided to cancel. The decision was made a couple of weeks before I was informed - at 8:30 on a Friday evening 3 days before my birthday, via a message on FB. No face to face, not a call, not even time for an email. The travel agent would not be available until MONDAY - the day of my birthday party.

So there are several things that are twisting my knickers about this.

1. If you knew earlier, why the hell didn't you tell me? It's a $3200 trip, and a replacement would need to have the cash by Nov 9/09 as well as the last two weeks of January off, and a passport.
2. Am I not worth a phone call at least? I mean this could have a huge impact on the cost of my trip.
3. Did you even make any attempt yourself to find a replacement for the trip/accommodations or did you just decide oh well let her deal with it?
4. After 10 days of searching for someone who could go instead - by myself, other travellers and my friends and family - no luck.
5. Alternative #1 - cancel the only trip I have ever had farther south than South Dakota to a tropical paradise in the depths of my 48th Canadian winter and lose my $400 deposit - not to mention the $$ already spent on new luggage, material for beachwear, ready to wear, a new underwater capable camera and a netbook, along with my entirely broken heart and dashed dreams.
6. Alternative #2 - I got the numbers yesterday - pay an extra $900-1100 to stay at the resort as a single accommodation, which would suck up every last cent of my budgeted spending money, putting a serious crimp in the hedonistic vacay I was planning.

I can not believe how angry I am. It is not even the hot want to kick something sort of anger. The longer it takes for me to find a solution the colder and more implacable it gets, which sucks because we share a group of friends - and the canceller is supposed to be my friend, and I don't want to make this a political drama scene. AARRGGHHH!

So I sent an email yesterday laying out how the decision to cancel the trip is affecting me and asking for any suggestions. Non confrontational - non antagonistic - I even had someone else check it before I sent it. Trying for the high road. Now I guess it's wait and see - but only till Friday because I have to pay for the trip or cancel it by Saturday.


Abigail Road said...

Do NOT cancel your trip. Do what you have to do to still go. It's not like you're going to be totally alone, others will be there.
You DESERVE this Jamaica trip, and even if you have to spend more $ than you wanted to, you will not regret it in the end, one little bit. I would also slap this nameless person's face off...but that's me. ;)
You spend so much money on other something for YOU.
And that's an order, because I love you.
Plus, I'll be in Cuba at the same time as you're in Jamaica, and I'll feel real bad if you're stuck here in the cold! lol

dk said...

Points all taken lovey. Spent a fair chunk of last evening figuring out how to pay off the extra grand I'm going to spend. I will wave to you in Cuba from Rick's Cafe.

We need to go tanning sweetheart - come try the stand ups at Brown Sugar - makes a HUGE difference in attitude aside from getting a little browner.

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