November 22, 2009

optimism returns

Effective yesterday, I had been not so patiently waiting for the opportunity to deal with my vacation angst concerning the nameless canceller for 30 days. No email, co call, and when seen in person - no recognition that I was breathing. Not so very good in my world.

I realized Friday that we were both to be attending the same relatively small function this Saturday evening. First thought - smack it upside the head. Not such a great idea. Second thought - cause a great accusatory scene cutting it down to nothing in front of all of our friends with the sharp side of my tongue. But I would feel guilty later and it would create more problems than it would solve since it would only make me feel better for a short while. Then I realized that I was concerned about how I would react to the whole situation. Talked to Malibu and told her I may show up on her doorstep a blubbering mess if I take the wrong tack when I talk to it.

Surprise Surprise.

When I sat down at the tab;e it was there. I didn`t say anything - just kept my cool and talked to others I hadn`t seen in a bit. Then it got up and came over and handed me a card. A friendship card. The sentiment was that friends were important and it was glad I was one.

Ì know it`s not much but I thought you might `want some shopping money.`

and there was $125 American in the card.

Not as much as I wanted, however - way to Man up. AND I feel restored.

I always want to believe in the good of humans but sometimes I start to run out of patience and I just don`t understand how people can `Not Get It`

Deep breath, 55 days to go - woot!

1 comment:

Paige Stanton said...

That was a nice gesture, the spending money. I see myself in your dilemma. It feels a lot like the situation I had with my roommate. For nearly a year I felt taken advantage of and I finally said something. Maybe in the wrong way, like it seemed you may have struggled with at this function. She didn't seem to have a clue how she was treating me. I'm with you on the fact that how to people NOT get it?

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