November 25, 2009

designing for dk

I'm taking my first tropical vacation ever and from what I gather the humidity is such that you better take several swim suits because of the length of time it takes them to dry (pack travel panties - fast drying), Anyway I bought some lovely semi opaques crinkly cottons to craft some beach/poolside togs for the island and am having a simply nasty time trying to decide what I want to make.

Take into account:
1. Heat - need to be airy & well ventilated
2. Humidity - light fabric loose and flowing
3. Large body - slightly fitted to body not to bulky, deep necklines, empire waist
4. Stubby legs - just above knee - skorts so no thigh wiffles, maybe open side leg
5. Easy to make - simple lines no zippers pleating lining etc
6. Practicality - can be worn over a swimsuit.

I know I want to make at least one little swing dress - above the knee - kind of like a long tunic - sleeveless with a collared neckline but sweatheart shaped in front - maybe diaper pants to go with it and then perhaps a slightly longer dress or maybe two the same but different materials and one with shorts and one with pants but «i really like the belly dancing skirt but not sure if I`m quite that CONFIDENT but it is Jamaica - you see the problem?

Methinks this needs some more planning before cutting but I do need toget on it.

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