November 15, 2009

missing in action

I've been looking forward to my three day weekend for several weeks and now the 100 little gods have decided to rain on my parade. I spent 5 hours Friday running around completing what was supposed to be a simple task - not even my own really - only to have it grow tentacle like complications that pretty much wasted my day. I did get it finished though so that's positive. Then I got to spend a few hours with several of the best girlfriends one can have.

By the time I got home the "visitor" showed up, and I hadn't really been watching the calendar so I hadn't gotten myself psyched up to deal with it. You know, it never used to be such a big freakin' deal. Every twenty eight days - a little poochiness, 4 days of bodily betrayal and done. Now, it starts with a day of ovarian twinges, 5 days of mess, fatigue, cravings for salt & sugar, neither of which I am supposed to have, and general malaise. I want to see my friends but I don't want to GO OUT THERE. My pants are too tight, I get two days of kankles so a dress is out, and I have a zit on the end of my nose. Just fucking lovely.

Apparently I am a little cranky.

And because it is my own body betraying my general desire to have a good time, I obsess.

I also missed Katie's Wino party last night and the santa claus parade today due to general uncomfortablity topped off with the remains of a hacking bronchitis cough and an icky stomach.

I wish the mental pause would be done already. Stupid hot flashes. Did you know that people think it is inappropriate to skin down to a tankini at the office in the winter?

I know - whine whine whine. I have the cheese thanks.


Schmutzie said...

Aren't female hormonal fluctuations just the bomb diggety? God.

dk said...


Abigail Road said...

I hear ya. I've been feeling the same way. Stupid hormones.

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