November 16, 2009

monday sucketh

Icky and tired all week end - cancelled all Saturday outings and slept 12 hours.
Not sure if I have a come and go fever or hot flashes.
Sunday, left the house for the fundraiser supper for 2 hours.
No sniffles but sinus drain - no headache but I'm just freaking exhausted.
Couldn't sleep. Barking like a seal.

Went to the doctor. Waited patiently for an hour and a half before asking for an update on how long this was going to take. I could feel the millions of virii trying to attack me from all those other sick people. I was told I was next. My doctor called 4 other people. I arched my eyebrow at the asst who told me "next" even though I felt like SCREAMING at him. He moved my file to a different doctor. It was still another half hour in the waiting room and 15 in the exam room.

No fever - no flue. allergies resulting in sinusitis complicating bronchitis. More antibiotics.

Go to the pharmacy - they said 20 minutes and gave me a pager. I wandered, found an emery board some lengthening mascara and a back of jujubes that I'm not supposed to eat. half hour killed. Sat down on the waiting chair BESIDE THE PHAARMACY COUNTER. at the hour mark I went and asked how much longer it would be? Politely I might add. The pharmacist says its been waiting half an hour. I hand him the pager and he shrugs, smiles, and tells me "sometimes they work and sometimes they don't" - sorry.
I am surrounded by mental midgets, always bad when I'm not at my best.

Home I go. No parking places. get me a gun - a big one, like a howitzer and I'll make a parking place. 16 drives around the block.

I start some stew since I missed lunch chasing my prescription. Go to have a nap = forgot I was to have coffee with the boy after work. Call wakes me up. Lay back down, another call - NOT MINE. The boy comes over to see me quick, give me some horrible news about a good friend's ex, but he does take the trash out to the bin for me.

I go downstairs to do laundry - it's always busy Sunday open Monday. Loads in both washers with another basket waiting, back up the stairs with nothing gained. REALLY. Next trip down - only one washer is free. Back to put in dryer - doesn't want to accept my loonie... finally. Now it is after 11pm - I'm tired and bitchy and waiting for my single load to dry. Have to do the rest tomorrow.

AARRGGHHHHH. Going back to bed as soon as I get my clothes.

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