December 09, 2010

Reverb 10.9 Party

What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010?

And back to the island I go ;) Wednesday at Margueritaville with BrendaKor, biff girl and Skinny Dave, theWolf, Beffy and DOC. OMG what hilarity ensued!~ Planted in chairs that kept sinking into the sand so that eventually you just crawled out of them or stayed where you were. 29 degrees on the beachfront with an ocean breeze (can't you just smell it),taking a dip in the ocean when you got too warm. Literally buckets of ice cold beer and good greasy bar food.

Making the server girls smile, especially when they brought around bottles for the customer shots - free pour directly down your throat. THE BEST sunset, and happy shiny people. Beats goin', no problem smokin',

Live music, fire dancers, magic Kerry in a grass skirt and "The best lookin' Canadian Man at Margueritaville Contest" - bwahahah - gloriously funny.

Then late night supper once we got back to the resort with jamaican patties and turkey - Brenda laughed so hard she almost had a drink come out her nose - I almost fell off my chair - and we all wobbled happily together back to our rooms for a nap until dawn.

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