December 20, 2010

hey mom, miss you.

It's still like yesterday and forever away.
I awoke weeping, not knowing why until I saw the date on the calendar.
And it's a full moon.
Now I understand why I wanted to get floor licking drunk yestereve.

Your image in my mind's eye has been gone for a while but I carry you in my heart everywhere I go.

Amanda is getting married next year. Her dress is beautiful, she looks like a princess. The kids are hilarious. Devi's 10 going on drama 25, and Seth is an irascible 9. Stages. Chris is workin' hard and doing his damnedest to meet his responsibilities.

Murray has the most gorgeous smile and he's not sick all the time anymore. He's still dealing with an ulcer but even that is starting to heal up now. There's some positive stuff going on there and he's back to talking about school. He and Nola have been together over a year now, a little rocky sometimes but they're working through it, much like everyone else :)

Patty and I were laughing at you on her birthday, remembering when you were "visioning" your eyesight better and nearly ran me over with the truck.

Patty is finally getting the man she deserves. You'd love Jeff, he's a keeper. What's great is that he truly appreciates all that she is, and tells her. Patty is happy.

Liza and Brian are working on growing the biz & I think things are going well. Liza certainly seems happier.

All the kids are doing their thing. The Beez calls me KK now.

We had a family reunion in Swan this summer. It was glorious but would have been a million times better if you had been there.

Love you.


JO said...

I can so relate to this--friday was my day but I was waiting for it all week---brother Pat's birthday, then sister Jean's & then the day she was gone--I wonder if its the time of year that makes it so much harder

dk said...

Probably Jo - I keep thinking next year will be better and it just isn't. BTW I just made our date to tear up the local bar during camping week. Anna is going to come so we have someone to bail us out ;)

Abigail Road said...

This post made me cry, and made me think of my Nana.....funny that my mom beat me to the comments.

dk said...

Well you know my friend, it's probably the most significant day in my year and I don't see that changing any time soon.

So many should haves. She should have seen me convocate. She should have held her great grand babies. And she should have gone with me to Disneyland, or Jamaica, or somewhere hot and warm and far far away.

Missed opportunities.

That`s one of the reasons I am so happy you and zach stepped into your adventure. You only live once, so live well.

You`re both here because great people attract other great people ;)

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