December 03, 2010

the Bleekly :

Hah! So much for NaBloPloMo. Today is brought to you by the word "blog" recombinated with the word "week", new word for me. the Bleek, the blog I apparently cannot find enough time to update - except for once a week, and even that limit is fairly flexible dependant upon what adventures have launched since the last Bleek.

This week has been full of fun and frivolity and an attempt to make my Visa blush by using it like a Times Square hooker.

I have managed to purchase all of my santa presents except 2, I used my work technology loan to purchase a new Canon Rebel with both the 18-55 and 75-300 telephoto lens along with 2 new 500G free agent go drives (love 'em - size of a pack of smokes and they need no external power source), the dotter's wedding gown has been shipped and is on its way from TO, an anticipated package from Ghunzang post office is on it's way to me via Vancouver, and the ThinkGeek box got here Wednesday last.

I spent a lovely evening out with the dotter looking at shiny things and of course could not walk away without something ... but this time it was for me. A lovely pale green and purple jade buddha that simply called me over and said "hey, why am I still in this case?". They gave me 20%, wine, munchies and flowers ... yay!

My toes are all pretty and pink with sparkly flowers care of my Pixx and the deadends are long gone from the white/grey/brown/red curls gracing my vanilla latte fake baked bod. Me & the colour god have a meeting in late december about 2 weeks before my escape to warmer climes. I'm thinking a nice warm golden brown.

Thursday opened the door to the weekend madness with tequilas all around and 10 little wings for supper. Pints with the eagles crowd and forward ho to the Hub where - somehow - the Patron showed up for Minda Sheri & I and thank you brother for the ride home. Sorry for forgetting to put your hat & gloves back in the truck.

Of course my need to feel included reared it's monstrous mug once again as evidenced by my subconscious effort to join the Biff girl club when I managed to get across the street, up the stairs, and into the condo before I tripped - hands full of gift bags including the schmancy new camera - and did a lip stand in my hallway. Whacked the fireside bench with my face as I laid myself out head to toe on the hardwood. Timmberrrrr! And rolled around for 10 minutes laughing at the absurdity of it all until the cheekbone started to complain. holy mother. The knee didn't pipe up until Friday morning of course.

I got to spend several hours dallying over a lovely nuncheon with the pretty girl catching up and laughing and being picky about walnuts. Our little side trip to XLS cargo was fruitless but I believe I have inherited a couple of winter jackets - yay!

Met the boyos at the pub for pints and Dave called shenanigans. Once we managed to take over the big table it was decided that wine at my place would be much less expensive if not less crowded and the next leg of Fraturday ensued. With a condofull of people - 10 or 11 - most of whom had never been to my place before - we cranked on some tunes and yakked about everything from god to art until about midnight at which point privacy was abandoned for the heavy bass of the dance groove at the barbar. Needless to say it was a late night ;)

Saturday was family day. Decisions were made for Boxing Day christmas dinner at Dad & Viv's in the Jaw along with much razzing of the seester and her building block lego sheds to make her 2200 sq foot house for $50k. I bet it'll work. Brian agreed to get the drawing for the kitchen done, and Amanda and I inherited some more clothes for her/Devi/Me. The roads were so smushy I almost got stuck leaving her place to get the groceries I'd forgotten Friday.

Then it was boot it back to my place to take some semi-formal pictures of the PattyJeffness - which turned out smashing by the way - with my new camera. Out for dinner with the crew and then watched a couple of old black & whites with the footsies up after I finished making the mmmm stuffing for tomorrow's turkey and cloved demarra glaxe for the ham. It's gonna be delish I tells ya.

And then Grey Cup day dawned a little crispy and the flatlanders hopes were burning bright. Off to Skinny Dave & Biff girl's place with Kory who won the turkey & the ham we're cooking, Minda's doing the marguerita's with my El Jimador,and Dave's organizing the seating. An old time get the families together Grey Cup party. The food was excellent, the company hilarious and the game ... well not so much. I thought the riders did a fair good job win or lose - but then what do I know, I'm a Bombers fan ;) It was kind of nice to have company.

Monday it's back to work - still lots of things to get done on the todo list - but isn't there always!

happy santa y'all

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