December 16, 2010

reverb 10.16 Friendship

How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

First let me say thank you to the 100 little gods for the plethora of friends that keep in contact with me. And honestly, sometimes it IS them keeping in contact with me - though lately it has been me keeping in contact with them. See saw marjorey daw... anyway - each of them has influenced change in me. That's what friends do.

Anyway, people change every minute of every day and as does one's perspective, though often you are not even aware of the process until the day you find yourself with your mouth open and words you never expected to hear from your own self. are tumbling pithily over your lips. wtf?

Then there's the epiphanous change ~ the instantaneous non-regulation burst ~ that usually scares hell out of several persons of interest, not the least yourself.

In my ongoing attempt at personal evolution, here is the list of criticisms my friends knowingly or not, laid down about me, that I have tried to be aware of and change (where I thought I should because some of these are just wrong) in 2010. Did it work? Only they would know.
I am always talking about me.
I am too hard on myself.
I should recognize that I am beautiful.
I think I am always right.
I am apparently, a religious bigot.
I am fat and unhealthy and will die soon if I don't do something about it.
(this originates from you need to exercise and watch what you eat)
I talk too much about my holiday.
I need to be in a relationship.
I'm too old to be hanging around with some of my friends.
I don't spend enough time with my family.
I should shut the hell up.
I take too many pictures.
I should dye my hair all the time to hide the white/grey.
I party too much.
I should take some more university classes.
I gossip.
I am always with the drama ...

Yup I think that's about it. While there is certainly some truth in there - it also raised a question with me. What or who exactly do these people see me as?

So in paying attention to my friends critiques I have to wonder if some of them are really my friends.


Abigail Road said...

That last line hits it on the head. As Zach would say "The haters will be hating, so just let 'em hate.." or something like that. You are wonderful, and I love that you have found yourself again this year. You have a glow that you didn't have when I first met you. Not all advice is good advice, and you know yourself better than anyone, so only change what you think you need to, to make yourself better.
I love you, I respect you and I miss you, and I can't wait to see you in June. :)

dk said...

darlin`- every day I wish you were here and am glad you are there - wherever there is - cause that`s what it`s about. Go find yourselves. Make yourselves happy. To hell with the naysayers. I love you both to the moon and back again and thanks for the occasional kick in the pants!
»Remember Abigail, you are SO much more than what other people see. I know.

Schmutzie said...

Screw the naysayers. I think you've done brilliantly, and I never tired of hearing about your vaycay. It was a turning point that produced awesome things for you, continues to.


dk said...

HAHAH - ye gods and little fishes but you're hilarious schmutzie. Got some freedom and joy and left a whole lot of refuse behind.

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