December 29, 2010

reverb 10.29 : defining moment

Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

You know, that's kind of funny. In many of these reverb posts and actually in posts I have made all year are shining tidbits of the glory that is me.

The year started in trepidation as I risked my comfortable bubble and stepped back into the world. As it happens it was more a sashay and dive. Either way, this year has been all about grabbing life with both hands and riding the wave with the occasional attempt to divert it's direction to discover something else I'd lost along the way.

We had a familyy reunion in Sawn River this year and we had a family service in this teeny ancient little church (our family filled it) that family members generations ago had both built and served in. My Aunt Marg asked me to do one of the readings for the service, and it happened to be about oneness, by Thich Nhat Han. Not only was I honoured to be invited to do the reading, the subject was something I have been conciously practicing this year so it really resonated with me. It just seemed too conincidental not mean something. But of course it did. We are all part of everything, everything is in us. This year I had a multitude of moments where I was one with the universe. It may sound corny, but I only hope that you get that chance too.

It's life changing.

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