November 28, 2007

wicked wednesday

by the hundred little gods that wind out there today was SNAP. i was at the UofR today and as soon as i saw the strikers i was very thankful.

snappy repartee from narrow minded commentators insults me: "what-ever, they make more than we do", "i'll take that job", " or the ever so erudite "f#@$ers!". such an astonishing vocabulary for a college boy.

they may make more than you do (usually though not always, ) through investing time and effort, education, training, and experience. lots of people do - you're a student. it is quite possible that you may not meet the qualifications to apply for that job. if you do, have you applied? what this group of f#@$ers is doing supports ALL workers by serving notice that a business cannot be run successfully without employees. the principals upheld here, seeded society with a demand for wage & labour standards, ohs and equity.

understand this, no sane individual prefers snow slogging at -22C on one of the windiest freaking intersections along the parkway. i am fairly sure most would prefer heated workspace and fair day's pay for a fair days work. have you asked one of them?

so thanks to all those sisters & brothers who stand visible & strengthen our solidarity.


Schmutzie said...

As one of those striking individuals, thanks for having our backs. It was COLD today! Believe me, if we didn't have to, I would gladly give up standing out in -32C with the windchill to go back to my warm desk and a cup of coffee that didn't freeze in my mug.

Nat said...

Amen. My friend was on that picket line and DID NOT enjoy the cold and snow but was energized by why he was out there day after day. I may not agree with all the issues they were fighting for, but I support them entirely.

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