November 26, 2007

the riders won and hell has now frozen over.

holy crap - was it ever snowing out this morning - big fat fluffy flalkes that fill in your footsteps faster than a cab will come for you. it was cold and my knee was aching and the curse made everything else stiff and sore, which sucks because i didn't even go out and party last night! - never mind the whining, so i called tmy normal taxi company and chatted with the dispatcher who answered the call, who said NOTHING about an extended wait, though i could see that happening the day after the victory kafuffle last night.

so it's REALLY dark out still at 7:40. I smoked a cigarette. i made little tractor tracks in the snow. i brushed the snow off my self... and i was starting to get chilly. should i go in and trudge up the stairs to call the cab company bany back thereby missing the cab when I am halfway to the condo... can not miss the taxi ... and then it was light out (i don't wear a watch i suck the energy out of them) so it must have been awhile - when i noticed my filled in steps. enough

instead of trudging up to my place a bothered the boys in #2 and they called for me so i could keep an eye out for the taxi just in case. and the woman says "Are you sure you didn't call another company?" (it's now 8:15 and I have to be at work by 8:30)

"look, i only call this company because the others stink - literally or lie to me - i called, the dispatcher joked around with me and told me no, so I said please LIKE I DO MOST TIMES. (though i didn't yell at the time as the would have been completely counterproductive). and then i went dowstairs to wait, which i have been doing for tick tick tick for 40 minutes now. when can you have a cab here please?"

"is this 2212 cornwall calling - #3?" i said yes. "we never received a call from that address"

talk about a service person who doesn't even register what you've said ...

the cab came at 8:25, i have had an otherwise good day except it's the first day of -20 and with the windchill it is a brisk -34. hope the wind is behind me.


Abigail Road said...

I had that happen to me one morning. I called a cab cause my car wouldn't start. I waited on the front steps for 30 min, and it didn't show. I called back, and they said they didn't have a record of me calling, and i must have called someone else.. Told them that i NEVER call anyone else but them. They asked if i wanted a cab, i said yes, and it still didn't show up. Thank god V-man came home and gave me a ride!

wench said...

this morning when i called - the dispatcher apologized. he found the tag with my address later on the floor - it had fallen off the desk. too funny!
this morning i called and that cab was there before i got all the way outside

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