November 02, 2007

nablopomo #2

it's too early on a day off to be up and at em already ... almost all of Mur's furniture has been moved out except for his mattresses, the computer and his chair ... and Josh's couch. and about 20 boxes of Deb's books have arrived. not quite on schedule but pretty close considering the 4 different schedules we all run on. Mur will crash at his sister's till Saturday when the rest of the move will be completed. angus bodhi cat is going to move today - which is a BIG problem for me because i love him SO much but i have become very allergic and so is Deb. and i will miss my friend who comes and purrs me up when he knows i don't feel well or if i'm sad - who plays fetch and talks back to me like a person, who licks my eyebrow to get up and feed him at all ungodly hours. he's been part of the family for 4 years and it's REALLY hard to say goodbye.

seeing light at end of tunnel.

first day of nonsmoking lasted about 18 hours, 2 smokes with Sharon and Deb. Note to self, avoid the pub for at least a week - the urge is strong and dk is weak. starting over...

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Abigail Road said...

I have decided it's about time i quit too. going to wait until my days off next week though, so only zach and kevin have to deal with me, and not the handicapped folk!

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